Tuesday, January 15, 2019

No "Home Sweet Home" for these two guys...

Hmm, being picked to be an Extra on a tv show does have its lighter moments.

My fellow retired Post and Courier newspaperman Prentiss Findlay  and I were slated to portray two "homeless men" in an upcoming production and we lugged satchels - and hanging bags -  of our clothing so Wardrobe could decide our "look."

The hair and makeup people had a blast as they kept bringing us back to the chair in front of the brightly-lit mirror.

They were really creative artists as they slowly painted and darkened our faces to reflect the tan look of guys who regularly were living outdoors and panhandling for an existence.

My hands were applied "Hollywood dirt" and my fingers and nails were painted to look grubby and unkempt.

Looked like I had NOT carefully washed my hands that morning with soap and water.

The wardrobe ladies heard me mention I was wearing a disposable shirt with a yellowed collar that I didn't care about and my worn pants already had a rip I had patched with some duct tape.

They whipped out sharp little scissors and went to town on our clothes, cutting and ripping. My shirt pocket was ripped half off and dangled.

I probably had encouraged them when they saw I had intentionally buttoned my shirt wrong. I left a creative opening there.

The banter between the craftspeople was good.

When wardrobe sprinkled some fake "blood" on my shirt - as if I had swiped a bleeding nose - they were reminded to NOT put any blood on my skin.

That was hair and makeup territory.

When the hair person started to add gel and muss my hair as they had done for Prentiss, I pulled out a Marine Corps black knit cap.

Wardrobe said that would work if I turned it inside out so the USMC logo was not shown. I am sure the Marines would appreciate that!

I pulled it on and she deftly tugged a white forelock down into view.

When I looked into the mirror, it reminded me of a 2004 Bill Murray movie called The Aquatic Life.

If it had been red, the cap would have looked more like the Murray image but he doesn't have my distinctive bushy white eyebrows.

Finally, we were taken upstairs to be included in a scene in a large "bus station"  with a ticket counter, seats in a waiting area and quite a few extras with suitcases, roller bags and purses.

Looked real to me.

I was positioned sitting on the floor, my back against the wall, in my tattered clothes while Prentiss ended up in a comfy waiting room chair.

He was handed a bedroll tied with a piece of rope as a prop and I also had a bedroll blanket next to me.  I splayed my feet out in front of me and concentrated on being a disheveled and grungy guy down on his luck, hanging out in a crowded bus station.

A prop guy came over and placed two metal crutches on top of my bedroll and handed me a cup with two dollars sticking out of it.

On the front was penciled "Thank you!"

My tip jar then had a bright yellow banana plopped in it and I settled down to let the action begin.

Prentiss was seated opposite me and later told me he quietly snapped some photos of my unsmiling face. Hope they turn out well.

I was totally in-the-role, serious and my eyes darted to everyone passing back and forth in front of me. None had been told to stop and add to my tip jar so they passed me by.

Earlier cast and crew had enjoyed a great lunch/dinner by Crafts Services. There even was a BBQ grill set up outside for cooking steaks.

Because I am pleased to be losing weight and eating healthy, I stuck with good diet choices of a small steak, some fish and a leafy salad topped with walnuts and diced ham.

A tall cup of ice water was my drink and I did not go near the enticing and tempting dessert table which always has an array of tasty treats!

As I ate I was careful not to smudge the applied "dirt" on my face and hands.

It was a pleasant drive down that morning and the conversation was great.

On the evening drive back home, we stopped so I could snap a photo of Prentiss standing by two life-size elephants in front of a fireworks store.

One of the elephants was pink.

(Click on the links and photos for more details.) I am being careful NOT to name the production.

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