Friday, December 14, 2018

The roar of greaspaint and the smell of the crowd...

 Got a pleasant surprise this morning from my biggest fan, my older daughter.

She has followed my efforts at being an Extra or Background Actor in tv shows filmed /taped in Charleston and movies down in Savannah.

I had told her about a VERY long day on the set of LIZZIE, a tv movie about the trial of Lizzie Borden.

My role was to portray the Assistant Prosecutor and I thought I might have some pretty good face time.

And, evidently, my thinking was pretty accurate!

Still had no lines - and no name in the credits (I'll have to check on that) - but maybe there would be some good still shots to add to "my reel" to show casting directors.

The two screen photos my daughter Amy attached were indeed good. And, I asked her to snap some more!

We had filmed in Springfield, GA, about 25 miles inland from downtown Savannah.

The director was using the historic Effingham County Courthouse for the trial scenes.

The real trial ran three days (all of ours was shot in one long day) and wardrobe would come in and change our ties to represent a different day.
On the third "day" I asked for a bow tie. What the hell!

I was having fun being picked as an Extra.

Online, I saw a t-shirt designed especially for zany fantasy actors like me.

In LIZZIE I was an assistant DA, in Mr. Mercedes I have played "elderly hospital visitor," "visitor to an old folks home", and, my best look yet in Season 2,  as "patient asleep in a hospital bed."

I nailed that last one and actually DID fall asleep!

Speaking of the production of Mr. Mercedes, written by Stephen King, I was pleased to be picked many times in Seasons 1 and 2.

I was included in the final episodes in both seasons.

We traveled to Manning for the final S2 scene, that required the use of a courthouse and brought in nearly 500 extras!

It was just announced there will be a Season 3 of Mr. Mercedes and it will be filmed here again.

Maybe I will get to reprise my role as the very patient patient copping some ZZZs again?

I showed the photo taken of me bedridden and it caused a flurry of contacts.

Friends asking what was wrong? When had this happened? And, when could I see visitors?

Sorry I had caused some concern with my reposed acting.

Here is the link my daughter Amy sent that got me excited about seeing Lizzie.

Now I look forward to the release of the movie EMPEROR, also filmed in Savannah.

With temps in the mid-nineties, I was 2 days on set, dressed in a 100% wool period outfit playing a Townsman (as opposed to being a plantation-dweller), in a film about the  1859 slave revolt at Harper's Ferry in Virginia.

I feel I might have good face time in that too.

(Click on the links and photos for more detail.)

Thanks for tagging along as I continue my quest to become an "overnight star" matter how many years it might take.

Oh, I did shave the beard (had it for two years) and, no doubt,  it helped me land roles in several periods films.

Most recently, I had trimmed it back for a role as a choir member and restaurant diner in the HBO pilot shot here with John Goodman and Danny McBride.

Right after I shaved, I learned HBO had given a green light to the series that will be called Righteous Gemstones.

Hey, if the beard is needed, it will take 3-4 weeks for it to be camera-ready.'

Shared some fun time on set with Prentiss Findlay, a fellow retired co-worker at The Post and Courier.

As far as I know, he still has his beard.

And, we both like a blue oxford shirt.

The Effingham County Courthouse. I was lighted from outside with really bright lamps so inside,  it was always daytime.

Even long after dark.

Some of that Movie "magic."

By now, you know the next step: Click on the links and photos for more details.

Guess I'll keep going after roles until - as the Old West Hangman often  said - it ceases to be fun.

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