Saturday, December 15, 2018

Musical Merry Christmas...

 I finally got off my butt and went to see the annual Charleston Christmas Special.

Why did I wait so long? Duh.

This I believe, is the 23rd annual show.

A terrific 2-hours of just about every holiday season songs and some pretty funny visual gags.

Uh, don't miss the waddle of penguins number!

And the outstanding talent onstage...WOW!

I mean, Broadway productions in New York are fantastic because of the extremely high level of talent.

Let me say, this evening pleased me a lot!

The energy, the staging, the lighting, the 9-piece Special orchestra.

The charming - and witty - co-hosts Brad and Jennifer Moranz have been presenting this program at the Charleston Music Hall for more than 20 years.

Along with other mid-year specials and an array of other professional theatrical productions.

During the intermission, some of the young female dancers wandered through the audience, seeking volunteers to join them onstage for a special holiday musical familiar moment.

The lead singer came out and individually introduced the good-spirited volunteers as they came out with costumes and props and recreated each of the scenes from The "12 Days of Christmas!"

I particularly liked the image of "Four birds a-calling," and the "Goose" to his right who kept a-laying an egg the size of a basketball!

I didn't want to bother the happy, smiling people seated close to me so I held back on taking a lot of photos.

I did find the "snowman chorus line" on the official site and decided to include that in this posting.

It also is a better planned, lighted and posed shot than anything I snapped.

I was seated about halfway back from the stage, just behind the lowered control panel.

It was interesting how many (silent) phone calls came into that booth during the show!

But, not really a distraction from the brightly-lighted colorful stage in front of me.

The lighting guy was to my left in the booth and his effects were terrific.

The show hit religious themes as well as Jolly Old St. Nick.

If Santa was portrayed by Brad Moranz, I give high marks to the amazing "fat suit" he was wearing.

Takes a brave thin man to attempt that!

Later in the show, we saw Brad in short pants and suspenders and the phrase "knobby knees" was mentioned - and displayed.

He and wife Jennifer played young brother and sister, preparing for the festive evening.

A huge rocking chair added to the illusion that they were tiny tots.

They cavorted with Rudolf, the famed red-nose reindeer and an entertaining and impressive Manny Houston, dancing in traditional holiday colorful red (pants) and green (jacket).

I do not want to give away the beautiful ending.

I'll end now with this shot that did a slow fade-to-black at its conclusion.

Brad made sure to introduce all 9 band members who took their turns, coming out front during the performance.

Each solo was well-received and applauded.

The Music Hall was packed on a Thursday night
and the whole audience was invited at the end to come up to the front of the stage to meet the performers and shake their hands.

A nice friendly touch.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

And, have a very Merry Christmas!

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