Friday, August 31, 2018


So, if large tree limbs fall in my backyard - and they don't damage anything - am I concerned?
No, not really.

It's just another visit to my "forest" to do some trimming of trees getting too close to my house.

A-Z Tree Service has come here twice before over the last 6 years. A lot of familiar faces.

Again he and his great 9-man crew arrived right on time this morning.

Owner Sonny Nguyen,  dispersed them around the house, cutting away tree limbs that have grown too close

With expert select trimming to assure future growth while they used an array of gear to do the job quickly and properly.

LOTS of specialized equipment!

One little "tractor" driver gathered up logs and limbs and hustled them over to the maw of the massive chipper.

He handled the very heavy pieces.

Others dragged leafy limbs to be ground down to sawdust.

Men with chainsaws and pole saws cut off limbs reducing them into manageable sizes.

Meanwhile,  overhead, the "Chief of the Bucket" was in constant motion above all the other activity, carefully dropping thick branches for collection by the ground crew.

Last time they came to trim, the carport was new and the Cherry-Picker was able to deftly maneuver around it.

Same thing this time but a medium-size bush that would have been in the way, I removed the day before.

At the last moment, I explained I had taken it out.
This saved my Oleander that was being discussed for removal. Whew.

In just about 2-hours, they started packing up and moving vehicles.

I noticed this time there was no man actually up in the trees, using ropes to lower large limbs.

Sonny explained that some of the crew was under the weather and, one was the "climber."

All of the others had pitched in to make sure the morning trimming was a success.

I had no complaints as they drove off for another marathon team-session in either Summerville or Mt. Pleasant.

I am sure there will be another happy homeowner there when they finish.

I said "Thanks and be careful!"

Here are a few more shots showing the team at work:

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