Friday, July 21, 2017

Not everyone is a former Beatle.....

 Had a chance to see the Lee Boys again recently at the Pour House.

Really like their "Sacred Steel" sound.

Robert Randolph and The Family Band was the first time I heard the foot-stomping sounds that can be made on a pedal steel guitar.

Growing up, I had seen country bands on tv turn a guitar on its side, place it in the lap and hear something slightly similar.

But, a full-blown pedal steel is a world of its own!

The link above will give you a sample of what I was enjoying that night at the PoHo.

When I saw them before at Wild Wing in Mt. Pleasant, it was a Lee Family Night.

Several relatives came up on stage and set up additional pedal steels Yowzah!

This night was another family gathering!

Online says they are based in Miami but I would have guessed Charleston - or at least the Lowcountry.

"..we still keep our Miami roots. A lot of us play around here at different churches and concerts. That’s how The Lee Boys give back to Miami after getting so much from the city." 

Yes, I too wondered what the words on the front of Chris Johnson's shirt, I Googled it.

It translates as "Crazy Dudes."

Sometimes the name of the opening band is just remembered as "the opener." 

People don't feel too bad if they arrive late to the main show. 

Maybe stop to have a bite to eat and a drink, knowing what time the headliner will start.

In this case, "the opener" for the Lee Boys included the pedal steel player Chris Johnson who sat in.

Arriving early was an added treat.

Another musical bonus was a surprise Father's Day present from my older daughter in Oakland. California.

I had seen ads for the Amazon "DOT" but didn't realize how quickly it would become a standard feature around the house..especially in the morning in the kitchen.

Setting up the tv to play Bob Dylan on Pandora meant a few steps involving my computer, changing the tv to HDMI1 and using my cell phone.

Now I just say "Alexa, some Bob Dylan music please," and the device starts playing Dylan.

My recent visit to Northern Minnesota is when I learned Bobby D. had been born in Hibbing.

Obviously, he learned how to cover up that Iron Range twang.

Sometimes in music, you don't alway get what you expected.

Went to The Mill in North Charleston to hear The Wilkinson's Quartet., from Austin, Texas

And, yes, I did expect to see four people crowded onto the stage area.

There was plenty of room for half of the quartet and it was the talented part of the group. 

At least I liked what I heard from the bassist and guitar and can only guess what the other two added to the mix. Maybe this was a case of a double booking?

The opener before the Tedeschi Trucks Band at the PAC (Performing Arts Center) in North Charleston was introduced and the crowd seemed to know the two.

And the duo played - mandolin and guitar - well. 

But I didn't jot down their names and they announced they currently play, not very often, in Oblivion. 

Sounded like some kind of musical Witness Protection program.

I had seen Susan and Derek before and enjoyed the evening with them and their band.

I am finding I did not blog about several bands and am trying to do some catch up here.

Yes, I stayed a long, long time writing about all the craft breweries that had opened here and even some hints at a few more on the verge of opening their tap rooms for a taste.

But a lot of music has been enjoyed so I wanted to touch on some.

So pleased with the talent choosing to come to Charleston!

Our venues are varied, we are seeing repeats by name stars and the Coming Musical Attractions are very "attractive."

It's fun to be retired and supporting live music here!

(Click on photos and links for more details.)

Thanks for stopping by. 

I've been blogging here for more than 10 years.

Let me know what you think.....

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