Thursday, March 16, 2017

Picture This.........

 "Never On Sunday" was a 1960 movie starring Oscar Winner Melina Mercouri.

I flashed on that movie title last weekend as I braved a chilly, dreary, misting, gray day on King Street.

I parked in the Francis Marion garage and quickly checked the hotel lobby for any members of my photography group.

Nope, just me at the 2:00 pm meetup time.

My camera in hand, I wanted to see if anyone else ventured out on this 2nd Sunday on our downtown's main street.

Quick answer - it was not crowded but it wasn't deserted either.

Musicians showed up to entertain, dogs wore snappy-looking sweaters and one fellow quickly adapted to not remembering to bring his gloves.

I complimented him and asked if I could snap a picture of him reacting to a sunless afternoon.

He laughed and said his friends wanted to show him a regular specific Sunday event and he forgot his gloves.

Did not get his name so I have no idea where Saint Joseph might be.

In street photography, you usually do not speak to the person who often is totally unaware you are taking their picture.

A good single shot should tell a story but I often add a caption to make sure the message is sent/received. This young man was glove-less but not a "shoelesss Joe."

These two young ladies braved the late Winter blast of cold air to remind passersby that Spoleto Festival happens in the "real warm Spring."

In April & May, usually fur-lined parkas, scarves and yes - even gloves - are seldom required.

When they realized I might show their picture, the identification was cautiously given as L-R: Jessie R. and Niki D. Or, vice versa.

Tucked into a storefront, out of the wind, was Lauren Swann who fiddled as people briskly walked by.

The talented busker violinist told me she also liked the acoustic effect of stepping back from the sidewalk into a recessed doorway.

I too enjoyed being out of the blustery weather and asked a few more questions.

Lauren said she played with the Summerville Orchestra and the Southcoast Symphony.

I thought of an apt caption for this photo of signage at the small grocery store, not far from the College of Charleston, would be "Bare necessities."

There also was a small notice sign on the door cautioning that there was a resident cat named Sandy inside.

It added that the owner was not responsible for any possible injury and ended with a stipulation that dogs were not allowed inside.

I saw that the skinny dip, Charleston Edition was using 2nd Sunday to offer a sampling of a Nantucket company opening  April 1. A preview pre-opening.

Click on the link and see the Charleston City Paper's story that has plenty of details.

Jennifer, the local nice lady working for the store, answered my questions and quelled my curiosity.

The printed flyer she handed me said one will be able to shop fashion, discover brands and savor a wine or a coffee on the patio.

Seeing her standing at a table of imprinted t-shirts, set up in front of a building obviously still being renovated, made me stop to hear the story. Glad I did and I wish the ladies from Nantucket well.

Several store windows featured mannequins still being attired.

My caption for this would be "An Unarming Outfit."

I am sure they continued assembling the dress display as I moved along.

Other stores were still in the process of window dressing and more than a few smiles were seen as people passed by.

I had seen a sign advising that bicycles should be walked along blocked-off King Street and skateboarders were to carry their conveyance, not ride it.

Good advice for public safety. And, common courtesy.

This sign was in front of a cookie store, close to Calhoun Street, not further down King Street near a Starbucks.

Keeping a safe distance from a Corporate Behemoth is good advice.

But does this shop write your name on the cup?
Or, any name you want to give them?

I have had fun doing this to baristas.

No caption needed for this photo. It is really a cleverly-worded sign...once I figured out the Seattle connection.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

I try to participate in 2nd Sunday several times a year.

This time it was not raining and I try to dress appropriately.

I try to blend in and capture some candid moments.

One new store I saw simply had JAMES painted on the front.

I was tempted to go in and ask if they sold Jammies.

Fortunately for me, they were closed.

Remember, this event happens every month.

Go check it out.

On a designated Sunday.

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