Thursday, February 09, 2017

How about a HURRAH for Hanahan city workers!

So, the GOOD news is the City of Hanahan dislikes trash piling up on its streets.

The BAD news is the rundown and neglected house next door to me has just been sold and all of the trash, broken furniture, saggy couches and rubbish was hauled out and dumped curbside.

There was so much discarded debris
that it overlapped into my front yard.

The new owner apologized and tried to shift it all back in front of his property but I still had stacked grimy mattresses and broken furniture out front.

This all happened on a Sunday afternoon.

The regular trash pickup day for stuff like this is Thursday but I was doubtful the truck would even slow down when it saw this smelly heap!

Not that I would blame them.

For the next few days, people would stop, pick through the rubbish and even take away some items.

Garbage pickup in my neighborhood is Tuesday and I was hopeful they would see this as garbage but, no, the truck continued on its rounds, lifting garbage cans and emptying them.

My neighbor's woeful trash dump remained where it was.

I had seen city trucks come by on Thursdays to pick up old tv sets and other "strange" discards.
Only a few more days for refuse relief. Sigh.

But, Wednesday morning - normal trash pickup day,  I heard the truck stop out front.

Could it be?

Yes! I came out with my camera to capture the moldy moment.

The crew even stopped to wave when I shouted a heartfelt Thank You!

(I think the lady-in-red was another grateful neighbor who was pleased to see the remains no longer was remaining.)

Anthony, in the red cap, has been a city employee for 11 years and said they really appreciate when a citizen takes the time to thank them for their daily/weekly chores.

As they hefted a sad-looking couch into the powerful maw of the truck, it took only two bites to crunch it to kindling

I shouted, "Did you check the couch for loose change?"

We all had a laugh as they crammed more items into the gaping rear of the hungry truck.

Actually, they had picked up and tossed the mounds of smaller piles a few minutes earlier and shouted they'd be right back for the bigger items.

And the mattresses were the last to go.

They tidied up the area and, with a wave, turned the corner, heading for the next house to be relieved of it tossed items.

I make a point to have money in envelopes ready to hand to each member of the trash crew around Christmas time.

Every year. 

 My dad often would place a cold 6-pack of Pepsi on top of stacks of his discarded wood scraps, especially on hot, humid days. 

He'd wait until he heard the rumble of the approaching truck to take out his cold thank you. 

Maybe they remembered him.

(Click on the photos for more details.) Thanks for stopping by.

My street is looking good again - much neater. I look forward to watching the progress as the formerly decrepit house next door starts to take shape.

Happy in the 'hood.

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At Fri Feb 10, 08:57:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your new neighbor had one chance to make a first impression. Some places repurpose the box spring but now it is off to the land fill in some other state or county or country. Now the guy will rehab the house taking the worst house in the neighborhood flipping it and there go the tax rates up and up and up. Good luck.

At Fri Feb 10, 10:28:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

The new owner seems sincere in NOT flipping the rehab house. His buddy has signed a rental lease and intends to move in as soon as it is habitable.These
couple of nice guys made a good impression on me. Thanks.

At Sun Feb 12, 10:27:00 AM , Blogger Hearmeroar! said...

Wow...Here is a great little story to give a lift and recognition to some city workers and you had to be nasty. I don't blame you for being anonymous, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you knew there were items that could be repurposed, why didn't you step up or at least call someone that would benefit from your knowledge. How can you complain in one breath about trash being hauled away and complain about a property improvement the next? I hope chuckography ignores you and realizes that it could be a beginning of a great relationship with a neighbor and may spark the whole neighborhood into improvements.


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