Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Glenn Frey, one of the original EAGLES, has died

 I am fortunate to have seen The Eagles in concert twice.

Found this nice breakout shot of co-founder Glenn Frey, taken during a February 24, 2014 concert in Atlanta.

Had seen them perform almost 10  years earlier here in Charleston at the Coliseum, on March 5, 2005.

Checking details, I found that Frey collaborated with Jackson Brown in writing their first big hit in 1972 - "Take It Easy."

Frey is in the center of this 2014 concert shot.

As it happens, I had just a few days ago seen Jackson Browne in concert at the Performing Arts Center and he played that hit he co-wrote with Frey.

Some sources credit Frey with contributing the classic line about being in Winslow, Arizona when "a girl, my Lord,  in a flatbed Ford, slows down to take a look at me."

Wonder if the Winslow Chamber of Commerce ever sent a thank you note to the band?

Talk of songs that give one a good vibe, I think some more praise is due for a thirsty well made "Tequila Sunrise?"

Lovers of a 'Rita cheer no doubt and raise a salt-on-the-rim glass in salute.

Speaking of older, classic performers, I saw the Rolling Stones twice last year, once in Atlanta and then again three weeks later, in Raleigh.

First time I saw B.B. King was in September 1997 at Brittlebank Park, where he headlined a free concert that also featured J. Giels, Tower of Power and Robert Cray.

He apologized when he sat down on a stool after about 15 minutes. We didn't mind as thousands of us sat on blankets next to the Ashley River on a balmy evening.

Did I mention it was a free show?

This mural of B.B. was one of several at the old Plex. Wonder if it was saved when the place was torn down?

Saw him many times over the years. Several times I was in the front row, leaning on the stage railing at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach.

He even handed me one of his guitar picks.

Another long-time blues star I've enjoyed live is Buddy Guy.

Yep, he handed me a pick too.

This trip down the musical memory road started with the Eagles.

I hope to see many more more notables.

ZZ  TOP qualifies. Saw them at the PAC (center seat in the front row).

Next week will see guitarist Billy Gibbons at the Charleston Music Hall (CMH).

I just noticed the zipper pull is a miniature handcuff. Haha.

Sit close and your camera captures such fine points.

(Click on the pictures and the links for more details.)

Did I also mention I really, really like live music.

Please support it!

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