Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ESPN and I do battle...

Like many, many others, I "cut the cord" 2-years ago and pay $20* a month now just for the internet connection. 

And Amazon is working on a way to offer that without going through a cable company. Someday soon, I hope.

 For viewing, I bought a $40 Leaf 30 HDTV antenna and get great reception of all the major broadcast
 network stations.

I sadly watched NASCAR  abandon its fans by going to NBC Sports Channel and FOX Sports.
They left the channels that do not require a cable package or an extra monthly subscription.

Pro football is still on network channels but college ball has sold out to ESPN. 

No cable package means no ESPN. 

Oh, you could pay X number of dollars and get ESPN 1, 2 and 3 a la carte. 

There's even a site called Cord Cutter that shows what it costs per month to pick-and-choose just the channels you want.

So I watched the College Championship game between  Clemson vs Alabama, with the live feed of the overhead MEGACAST Spidercam, available for free on the internet.

Could see it only on my computer monitor but, I have a 27" screen, so more than adequate.

Great views as it floats overhead, zooming in and panning around each time the ball changes hands. Best of all there are NO commentators telling us the obvious.

Well, there also is no SloMo or replays. And a long pass usually  has the receiver far, far away but I was able to watch the game.

At the halftime, as each side took turns having its marching band on the field, I saw a technician signal the camera-in-the-sky to be lowered down  on the sideline as he changed something on the unit. Maybe batteries?

Not the best way to watch the game but ESPN has not banned the Spidercam....yet.

*When I cancelled cable on Comcast, they wanted $56 a month for me to just be online. Their competitor offered new customers that for $29.99 a month for 12 months. Just before that ended, I called Comcast - as a new customer - and got a year for $19.99 a month.

As that year ends, I'll check its competitor again.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Thanks for tuning in to see alternatives to ESPN.

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