Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Flowerful Holidays...

 Of course there is an explanation for this flower-bedecked lead guitarist of the New Orleans street band Yes Ma'am.

The other 5 band members did not make it to the gig Saturday night at Tin Roof.

He gallantly sat in with the opener and gave us quite a show.

Two fans stepped forward with - I guess - a thank you bouquet of flowers.

There were no vases so the long stems were stuffed into his t-shirt and his guitar.

I had seen this band before and looked forward again to hearing a bit of rompin' & stompin' NOLA Royal Street music the day after Christmas.

Hey, as they say, the show went on and dancers danced and ribald stories were shared.

The spirit of the Xmas holiday season and the birth of Jesus, was kneeling to the right of the stage.

This, of course, was the non-retiring other "Joe" in Charleston as the end of the year looms.

The jaunty Santa hat was another nice holiday seasonal touch.

It's no secret that I enjoy live music here and overseas.

It's also well-known that I usually have my trusty Canon SX280hs in my hand on musical evenings.

A nice "shout out" to the Tin Roof for the improved lighting onstage.

Speaking of being out of the country, a buddy of mine has served in Germany and Western Europe for many years as a civilian contractor.

Now he's wearing government credentials in Kabul, near the NATO headquarters, in Afghanistan.

He was able to pose on Christmas day with a svelte  Santa, a wheelbarrow filled with candy, a helpful "tree" and a flirty elf.

They continued on their rounds after the picture was snapped.

Set my camera on black & white to capture Steve Cheesborough and his vintage metal Dobro guitar.

He was at How Art Thou by the Terrace Theater on Maybank Highway Tuesday night.

Steve travels from his home in Portland, Oregon each year around Christmas and this was his final night before heading home.

I've seen him perform several years ago at Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ in West Ashley and know he specializes in music from the 20s and 30s leading up to WWII.

Last week I had just missed his set at the Tradesman Brewing Company close by off Folly Road.

Glad to catch his last night in town as he played with Shrimp City Slim on keys and Juke Joint Johnny on harp.

I learned there is a good chance Shrimp will be adding a second night of Blues (Friday?) at the cozy music, beer , tapas and coffee spot.

(Click on the photos and links for more details and information.)

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy New Year's Eve Eve.

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At Fri Jan 01, 03:10:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "shout out" Chuck. Happy New Year! Wishing you the very best for 2016. -- Elvin


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