Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Some restrictions apply...."

 At most concerts, the people sitting behind me are usually quit talkative.
It becomes really obvious when the musician is playing a quiet acoustic ballad.

Or the overwhelming urge that Charleston audiences seem to have to shout out comments, dialogues and song requests. Frequently and, often, long-winded.

The best response I heard, after several of his songs were loudly requested, was from Lyle Lovett who responded "Oh, it's a long show, we'll get to that."

I had just been to a Bob Dylan concert at the PAC and thought the rules against photography that night seemed quite stringent.


Apparently, if you talked, tweeted or texted during comedian Kevin Hart's program, you would be asked to leave. Kicked out.

And not get your money back.

Wonder if chuckles and belly laughs count as "talking?" Would "laughing out loud" be allowed?

A few years ago, at the famed Birdland Jazz Club in New York City, I entered the traditional music palace that was eerily quiet.

Oh, the music had not started yet but the sound was a low murmur like you might hear in a church.

R-e-s-p-e-c-t for the place and the performers was the feeling I got as I sat down at a booth close to the stage.

I saw a card, a table tent, that proclaimed this was a Listening Room. No talking, please.

I don't recall dire warnings of the consequences of having a loose lip. I did enjoy NOT having a spirited conversation going on right behind me. Thanks Birdland!

I also have noted that when people DO talk while the music is playing, their voices tend to rise as the music gets louder. 

Soon there is a terrific shouting match, fighting the booming heavy brass.

I don't think this was a statement to the crowd to keep it down while the Dirty Bourbon River Show was playing at the Pour House.

The man was simply proudly showing he could play TWO saxes at the same time.

Loudly, I might add.

I also have noted the persistent presence of people popping annoying extended multiple flashes while taking a selfie with their cellphone.

So far - Thank Goodness - music venues have not allowed the use of a "selfie stick." That could be a poke in the eye.

But, loud music happens. 

When it's played outdoors, usually a noise ordinance or curfew is involved.

Thinking of the neighbors who might be trying to sleep. 

Once, years and years ago, I was in a pretty loud party in a hotel room and was close enough to the door to hear someone knocking.

It was rather late and, even if we had whispered, it still would have bothered other guests nearby.

He stood in the doorway, wearing a bathrobe, and asked how much longer the party would be going on? I said I wasn't sure but why didn't he just come in and join us?

He said "OK," as he whipped out a red plastic cup, "Where's the beer?"

Hope that Kevin Hart was funny tonight at the Coliseum.

Bet the crowd was really "talking it up." Not.

(Click on the photos for details.)

 And check that printed warning. Yikes.

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