Wednesday, April 15, 2015

As I was sayin', more MUSIC.

I had heard that a light show had been added to the Deck at the Pour House.

Boy, Howdy.

There sure is a lot of flashing , pulsating colorful excitement.

Favorite cover bands play for the free shows outside.

The plan is for the outside show to end about the time the headliners inside start their performances.

Enjoy the fun free show then pay a small cover and move inside.

Yes, of course, there is cold beer at the bars in both.

The first act this Sunday evening inside the remodeled and expanded dance space PoHo, was an old favorite of mine.

Miss Tess and I go back a few years.
It has been a while though and she brought us up to date.

No longer living in Brooklyn, she admitted she had sucumbed to the lure of the South and now lives a lot closer.

New band members too and a name change to Miss Tess & the Talkbacks.

Same sweet voice and many arresting arrangements.

She can belt it out and then slow down the pace with a heartbreaking tale of love lost.

The stage quickly filled when the 8- members of the Los Angeles-based group Dustbowl Revival opened with a terrific horn section.

Technically, this is a Venice, California, collective that merges old school bluegrass, Gospel and jug-band.

And...swamp Blues and the hot"swing" of the 1930s.

Did I mention the two man, hard-working brass section?

Ulf Bjorlin on trombone and Matt Rubin on trumpet were stuffing their horns with a wide array of "mutes" (plunger, cup, bucket, and straight). The Harmon mute is known for the familiar "wah-wah" sound it creates.
There is even something called a Practice Mute designed for people living in condos or apartments to protect their health as they learn to play.

All mutes do lower the volume and alter the tonal quality of the brass horns.

Also on stage was  Z. Lupetin, the founder of the group on lead guitar, as well as a mandolin picker and a smooth violinist.

Backing Liz Beeber, vocals and washboard, was the upright bass and, of course, the drummer.

I did a lot of research on this group that roams up and down the highway, crammed into two vans in a small convoy.

This was their first visit to South Carolina and I hope they come back again.

Plenty of van parking.

Oh, and speaking of Vaans, on Tuesday night, I caught Gary Erwin and Eddie Shaw, Jr. (Vaan) jammin' at How Art Thou by the Terrace Theatre on James Island.

Gary presented the 11th annual Blues By the Sea that featured Eddie Shaw on sax and his son Vaan with his 3-necked guitar.

Gary apologized that the only guitar he could provide was one he uses for yoga sessions at Folly Beach.

Vaan just kept tuning and singing.

Niee guys, really nice.

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