Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"First, remove the Cork...."

Yes, it's a new restaurant in the Park Circle "Old Town" area.

Had its quiet, friends-only, soft opening last Thursday.

When I drove by that night, I did see people inside and out front but the old sign was still up.

You might remember CORK BISTRO was there.

Well, it isn't CORK anymore.

The new owner said the
temporary sign will be up for as long as it takes North
Charleston to work its way through all of its signage ordinances, rules and regulations.

I liked what I saw at Happy Hour while sitting at the bar and chatting with K.K., the friendly lady behind the bar."Or, you can call me Two K," she said.

My water came in a small Mason Jar. Nice.

My buddy's Double 'Rita came in a VERY large Mason Jar.

My Jameson on-the-rocks came in a medium size Jar and, when I asked what the really small jars were for, she poured me a tequila shot.

The salt was already on the rim so I tossed back the Mexican treat, sucked on the lime slice and pronounced it "Good. That was great," ...well, as soon as I got my voice back.

 I made the mistake of referring to this new place (twice) as the newest Yo Burrito and was gently corrected.

The Yo Bo Cantina Fresca is also in Windermere and Athens, Georgia.

But, this one is in my backyard and I'll aim for Happy Hour again.

The Giant Margarita was only $6.00. Wow.

The nice lady behind the bar said during happy hour, all the tacos are $2.50.*

I ordered two grilled fish Diablo Tacos with cabbage and munched on some delicious chips and salsa.

Later I found out that SIX - yes 6 - different salsas are hand-made in-house each day.

They proudly proclaim "slow food, quickly" and say no additives, no microwave and no nonsense.

My dining partner - he with the giant 'Rita - had a chicken taco and one with beef, along with a nice side of Guacamole.

The place is health-conscious, serving Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free. Uh oh, they don't have  Borracho beans available yet.

Saw there was Dos Equis Amber and Pacifico on tap and, overall I had a pleasant experience in a place on one of my favorite streets.

Even without a real sign yet.

(Click on the photos for more detail. All were taken with my phone-cam.)

* The bartender said she misspoke about the tacos being $2.50. They are in Windermere and WILL be here too, but not yet. She charged us $2.50 each though.


I went back yesterday - during Happy Hour - with my camera this time and was having another nice meal while sitting at the bar. I had a whiskey while my buddy got his $6 double "Rita.

He put down his Mason Jar, suddenly started laughing, and pointed to the backbar.

Huh? Nothing new there since last time.

He said "Take a closer look at the four 'religious' candles,"  he said with a grin.

I had glanced at them the last time but now I realized who the pictures depicted.

The one on the far right could have been saying something about "Picture this..Sicily, 1939."

Oh, good Lord Maud, it's THE GOLDEN GIRLS!!

You have to stop by this place.


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