Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A "Warning" Sign...if you're on a diet.

It was a bright red, glowing beacon.

A warm spot with delicious aromas.

My eyes almost glazed.

I had read the light had been turned off for about four days for remodeling and I am sure the recognized symbol was sorely missed.

But, tonight it was alight again and tranquility along Savannah Highway
was restored.

Yes, the symbol of hot stuff at Krispy Kreme was shining again.

I had read that the place had closed for less than a week to do a major facelift, brightening and new tables and chairs.

Passing by, I was curious to see how it looked now.

As some know, I have been successfully dieting for several months and have dropped my weight from 206 down to 182-183.

Needless to say I have NOT been hanging out at a doughnut shop.

But this was "research" so I grabbed my camera and pushed through the glass doors to see what had changed.

First I noticed a Starbucks look with comfy chairs and a couch forming a small conversation area.

Lots of new tile work was evident and the close-up viewing area near the assembly line of tasty treats now had a solid wall keeping curious kids' fingers and hands  away from moving parts. Good idea!

It sure looked bright and clean.

The new tables  - some short, some high - had an inviting look.

"Get some doughnuts, a cup of coffee and settle back for a nice break," the room seemed to say.

Admittedly, I came in during a lull.

Three people arrived just before I did and they were talking about the changes.

We all seemed to agree it was bright and cheerful.

The difference was they were ordering several dozens of the glazed and some chocolates ones.

If you are going to get doughnuts at the "factory" where they are made, you ask that they be plucked right off the line, still delightfully warm.

Otherwise, you could pick up a box or so at a nearby grocery store.

Years and years ago, before Krispy Kreme was available on the West Coast, I had sent a wrapped dozen to my daughter as a present for her graduation.

From the California Police Academy.

She passed them around to fellow new officers and everyone enjoyed being part of a law enforcement cliche.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

No, I did NOT eat a doughnut.


Just took some pictures, jotted down some notes, climbed back in my car and drove home.

This morning my scale read 181 pounds.


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At Thu Dec 18, 06:33:00 AM , Blogger Ian May said...

I guess some folks will think I'm weird, but I don't much like doughnuts!

At Fri Dec 19, 02:30:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

What do you "dunk" in your coffee??


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