Saturday, November 08, 2014

Lack of light.....helps black & white photography.

Billy Thompson and his band came down from "D.C."

That's like in Washington, D.C.,
he added.

This was Friday night at Home Team, on Sullivan's Island.

Roaming around down south for a while, heading to Atlanta next then wrapping up the 2-month road trip tour in Birmingham, Alabama.

Long time to be traveling for one night stands.

Actually, he had played at Prohibition on King Street, the night before.

I saw he was originally scheduled to be the headliner in Columbia at the 20th annual Blues Festival.

I've attended several of those events, held usually in November - whatever weekend USC had a bye or an away game.

Martin Luther King Park at Five Points is relatively uncrowded at that time during college football season

Don't know why but the 20th did not happen this year.

Probably involving lack of sponsors.

Whatever, it brought a stellar performer down our way and the crowd at Home Team and Prohibition had a talented treat.

Earlier, Wednesday night, I was sitting at the bar in The Mill, watching as the 4-person band got set to play.

The stage area is rather small and one player or another always seemed to be wandering out of the band space.

Traveling Broke and Out of Gas  were preparing to dish out some "Bastard Americana" as they call it.

Cody Hall, on lead guitar and vocals. was joined by Rachael Yanni, strong voiced and working hard on a scrub board.

The band, from Lafayette, Indiana, often switch instruments, even in the middle of a set, so nothing was really carved in stone.

Cody shuffled around and took his turn in the back on the drums, Rachel put aside the washboard and sang original songs, amid instrumental diversity and worked the lyrical magic.

They have produced three complete albums, and do national and regional tours.

Their site says they appear in coffee shops, dive bars (thank you Mill with no cover charge), stadiums, concert halls and even on street corners.

It was an evening of folk/blues/rock/ with some hill country twang thrown in for good measure.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

 Not for color though, it was a B&W kind of week.

*My right eye cataract surgery was done early the next morning and my vision has improved greatly. Now both eyes are working together again.


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