Thursday, November 06, 2014

Midweek Mini-Pub Crawl on Folly Beach...

 The key element of a pub crawl at the beach is simple: beer.

Another smart addition is parking your car and walking from spot to spot.

I found that mid-week in October is a good time to check-in to a beach front property.

Great location and not a bad price.

Certainly less expensive than getting a DUI. And a lot safer too.

No meters so parked on Center Street, right across from City hall (ever notice the shark hanging over the entrance to a lawyer's office.) Some sort of professional courtesy.

Technically, I did stop on Folly Road to revisit The Bohemian Bull for a beer.

The nice bartender lady was kind enough to suggest I might enjoy having another one at The Barrel, a new place, just before you cross the two bridges - still being expanded - and drive onto Folly Island.

No problem when you're only about a mile from parking the car for the next 24 hours.

So one beer there and a
chance to admire the dog-friendly areas out back.

Not only plenty of room to run, but also a body of water just begging for Labradors to check out.

Bring your tennis ball.

This where I heard the old Toll Booth stood during a period when it took a ticket to ride.

The door is a sturdy barrel - complete with iron straps around the staves.

Well not an actual barrel. Just a thick "slice of one."

Got to Folly, parked the car and checked into the hotel to see what kind of view is afforded from the 7th floor of the 9-story lodging. Way cool!

In plain sight were a half-dozen places where I planned to drop in and sample their brews.

It was still Daylight Saving Time so I had a nice. sunny afternoon ahead of me. I started atop Skipped Jack's, my previous favorite place to have an overview.

Now, I was looking down on it. LOL.

Checked out Rita's, The Crab Shack, Planet Follywood and the cozy Jack of Cups Saloon next to it that used to have a sign out from that said "NOPE."

Well, until 5pm, then the "N" was moved to the far right to say "OPEN."

Saw some beach whimsy next to "The Shack" with several small, gaily-painted joggling boards.

Nobody was sitting on them and I have had the experience of explaining to a visiting New Yorker what they were and how they were used.

He also had never tasted boiled peanuts before.

Without smiling, I advised him to open them first and throw away the shell.

He thanked me for that bit of shared knowledge from a native.

I'm not saying the island was deserted.

But, looking down from Skipper Jack's at the only traffic light on the island, it was not exactly buzzing with cars, bikes and surfer dudes.

My membership card in the Sand Dollar Social Club had expired but if you have the old one, you can get a new one for one dollar and not have to wait 24 hours to use it.

I saw that quirk being explained to a couple just inside the door and asked if they would be allowed to come in as my guest.

They were extended guest privileges and still bought a card to use another day.

Feeling good that I had helped a fellow traveler, I ambled up to Taco Boy for a bite ..and a Dos Equis.

I recall when that building had formerly been the Islander Shag Club, restored after severe damage from Hurricane Hugo more than 25 years ago. I even came and helped build the deck out back that still stands.

Another beer and a snack at the Surf Bar, which was decorated for the upcoming Halloween hijinks.

Funky and relatively crowded - for a Wednesday - I looked around and had to ask about a particularly gruesome figure with a rat in its teeth.

It was looking down over the crowd at the bar and I was told the owner of the bar saw it in one of those airline magazines _ Sky Mart? - and thought it would look great in the "Best Bar On Folly Beach" as his sign proclaims out front.

Some cotton was stuffed in the mouth as foam, a hand-made palmetto rose added for class and no reason was given for the dangling rat.

Could not tell if the fire hat was an authentic one from the FBFD. My eyes were tired and my bed at TIDES was calling me.
 This is the sight that greeted me from my 7th floor aerie the next morning.

Obviously I had slept through what I am sure was a fantastic sunrise but this pleased my eye.

I have many photographer friends who trek out to the beach to catch a sunrise (or sunset) here and they produce terrific results.

Have not seen one from this elevated angles.

$99 for a good night's sleep, listening to the gentle roar of the surf.

If you live here, enjoy the treasures we have in our own backyard.

(Click on the photos for details.)

Of course, moderation in all things.

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At Thu Nov 13, 03:25:00 PM , Blogger Elvin said...

Just returned from a 3-day visit of Prague with a brother and his wife. This was my second visit, and I enjoyed seeing the sights again. I enjoyed seeing Lennon Wall -- quite different graffitis from my first visit. There is a cafe at the top viewing platform of the Dancing House. The views of the city and the river was well worth the 2 euro for a cappuccino. Unexpectedly ran into a Černy sculpture, Metalmorphosis, while walking the backstreets of the city. The sculpture is a rotating stainless steel made up of several discs (horizontal "slices" of a head) that morph into a human head every so often during its rotation. Original was installed in Charlotte. I am not sure if this was the original on a temporary exhibition.


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