Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sort of like a "barn raising"...but with no barn.

The loaded trailer backed in to my yard at 10 am on Monday, April 28.

It was my birthday and this was a BIG unwrapped present.

It had been about 2 months since I ordered the 12' x 20' x 5' car port.

That delay was a bit more than I anticipated.

There were exchanges back and forth with me, T-N-T Carports and the local Leonard Building company.

Also involving Hanahan City Hall and its permitting department.

But it was here now and I showed the foreman the flat, cleared space I had roped off.

I watched as the pieces were taken off in a planned sequence.

Small pieces were attached to larger pieces and
sturdy shapes started to emerge.

These three men did not pause.

There was no coffee break.

They performed a ballet of synchronized movements.
The base plates were quickly put into place on both sides.

Then they were  "tacked" down until a small machine was used to auger in the 3- foot long bladed stakes.

These would anchor the entire unit to the ground.

Meanwhile "arches" were being formed that would be the ribs of the shed.

One by one, they were hefted overhead and walked into position.
I could see exactly the shape of my new protective covering.

I stepped inside to refill my coffee and, in the short time I was gone, they finished positioning the last two arches.

Now they were carefully making sure everything was square.

Measuring, tugging, using levels, they finally felt it was ready to have the roof attached.

Additional braces were being installed.

A taut orange construction twine was wrapped around the entire unit and levels then ensured all was plumb.

A nudge here and a slight push or kick there had posts in the correct position.

Then bolts and screws were drilled to hold them there.

I was satisfied I had selected a great spot for this car protector.

Now that everything was square, it was time to apply the roofing panels.
 Out of nowhere, several folding ladders appeared and were positioned where needed.

One man climbed on top to start securing the panels as they were hoisted up and slid into place.

I was impressed the unit could hold a person walking on top.

I'm sure he was careful to step only on supporting beams.

But I knew squirrels would not weight it down and cause damage.

Those yard pests are a reality as they hop from tree to tree to roof to roof and scamper around teasing my "inside" cat.

So, there it is. My new Car Port.


These men had arrived, unloaded and built this beauty in one hour and 32 minutes.

I checked online: Mt. Airy was 306 miles north of here.

It had taken them about 4 and a half hours to get here.

Wherever the next site was, I am sure they have set a record erecting it.

There was a wait and some long gaps of uncertainty, but, I am totally pleased with the end product.

I'm glad to report that the three trees that were moved from this site appear to be snapping back from the transplant.

(Click on the photos for more detail.) Click on the link to T-N-T to get information on what they can build for you.

Park responsibly.

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