Friday, April 18, 2014

Chuck checks Chuck while Chuck checks....

Jeff Nalbach (friends with Chuck Boyd
also commented on Chuck Boyd's photo.
Jeff wrote: "Notification on my FB "Chuck Boyd and 
Chuck Boyd also commented on Chuck Boyd's picture"
...Whoa, thought I was drunk for a min. or seeing 
double! Very funny to read that!!"

Well, there is a reason for the confusion. Let me try to give some background.

I grew up using my middle name - Lee - until I joined the Marines

and decided to use my first name, Charles.

The Marine DIs (Drill Instructors) called me many, many things in 

Boot Camp. Often my real name.

Eventually I settled on Chuck and have been called that for 

more than 55 years.
My brother's youngest boy, my nephew 
who lives in Florida, from birth
was called Charlie.

Then, a few years ago, I heard he now 

wanted to be called Chuck.

I really don't have an exclusive on that

name so I would try to remember to 
call him that.

Usually I just continued to think of the

young man as Charlie.

This is an old picture, taken of him when

I lived in Burbank, California.

My brother, his wife and their three boys 

came out for a visit and liked playing in my
backyard pool.

Little Charlie was still in diapers and loved 
to wiggle free and go bareback.

I am sure he wears a bathing suit now 
when at a pool or at the beach. 

Charlie, er, I mean Chuck is married and 
has two daughters. He founded 
CBoyd Media  videography company in Tampa/Clearwater.

Click on the link and, if you need some great work done, tell him Chuck sent you.

Thanks for stopping by.

There, that should clear up the confusion.

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At Sun Apr 20, 09:59:00 AM , Blogger Rick said...

I was going to ask where your hospital gown was until I read it was another chuck.
How many Chucks can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck Chucs?
Kepp 'em coming...

At Sun Apr 20, 09:59:00 AM , Blogger Rick said...

Lots o' mispellings. please excuse...


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