Friday, April 25, 2014

"A Day At The Beach".... in my birthday suit.

Part of my Week long 75th Birthday Celebration was accepting a delicious FREE gift dinner at The Grill & Island Bar on Center Street.

They wisely allow me the entire month to come in as their guest.

So, naturally I delayed and now find myself with only a few days left, hence creation of the "Birthday Week of Dining Free."

Wednesday was a marvelous day and nice crowds at Folly.

I did not dip my toe in the water and the only sand I encountered was that tracked into the Blu bar at the Tides hotel.

Was pleasantly surprised by the bright new look at Snapper Jacks.

The lady behind the bar said new owners have been busy getting all the changes made before Summer.

They added those garage doors that slide up so you have an open-air window to Center Street.

An expanded second floor now has an updated deck.

The new tents or tarps are due in a few days the chatty bartender added.

If you are looking for a view, keep going up the stairs to the Rooftop bar.

It has three tents flapping in the breeze overhead as you look out at the pier.

Good angle to see the only traffic light on the entire island.

Last time here, I looked down and snapped a picture of a car passing by with two surfboards sticking out the sunroof.

My bad: I did NOT get the name of the fellow playing guitar on a sunny weekday afternoon.


I will call there and try to get his name.

That is my version of reverse fact-checking. Sigh.

I did like the shadows that formed on the deck and his songs were entertaining.

He sang one about going fishing.

That reminded me of a fishing guide in Florida who promised that for $75 he would take you out fish CATCHING.

No fish - no fee.

I still have a birthday coupon for the sister restaurant Crab Shacks but I'll go to either the one in West Ashley or Coosaw Creek.

I like to spread my (no cost) patronage around!
Speaking of spreading, here's a snapshot taken at Blu @ the Tides Hotel.

The iconic image of The Endless Summer from the 1960s caught my eye. Hard to miss.

This was a large surfer dude and I didn't want to argue or even discuss ideal wave heights with him.

It was a perfect setting as a surfing competition was to begin the next day. Probably at the Wash Out.

As I was leaving Folly, I saw this hanging out front at a gift shop.

Probably NOT where surfers would congregate.

This was several blocks down - and across the street - from the lawyer's office next to City Hall.

It has a distinctive sign as well, depicting a huge shark., mouth wide open.

Stopped at a fairly new crafts beer place on Folly Road called the Bohemian Bull.

Last November it opened after incorporating several buildings sitting next to the roller skating rink.

The Bull offers an array of pub grub and upscale beers at upscale prices.

The 11.5 ABV beer I had was in a 10oz glass.

Did the math and figured one beer at a dollar an ounce would hold me until I got to the last stop on my weekday outing.

I also had bought a coupon from Frothy Beard Brewing .

That special deal ended the next day so it was added to the mix of the 7-day celebration.

End a beer-drinking day with a little more beer?

Sure. That makes sense to me.

Eat and drink in a sensible manner, spacing when you have the next one, and there should be no problem.

One of the samples offered on the menu had the word Peppermint in its name and I was not too pleased with what I was drinking so, for the next one, I made sure I ordered a pale ale. Yep, the ale was the one with an overpowering pepper taste.

Steve quickly swapped it out for a delightful Irish red.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Drink and take pictures safely. 

Don't discuss t-shirts with a guy wearing a 3XL size.

Have a Happy Birthday but only have one a year.

It can last a week though.

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At Sun Apr 27, 04:52:00 PM , Blogger Eyebee said...

The Bohemian Bull certainly sounds interesting to a HopHead like me!

At Sun Apr 27, 05:16:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

The Frothy Beard had EIGHT wheat beers ready. I don't like those "cloudy" beers. You?


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