Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Fair Weather Friend...

 About a month ago, I checked out Bay Street Biergarten. It had just opened.

Had a good time exploring all the craft beers. And trying the unique beer draft taps at certain tables where you pour your own.

Checked out how nice and cozy it was inside during the Sunday brunch time.

I saw there were several shiny new gas space heaters set up outside but nobody was venturing out.

Brr, "Baby it's cold outside..."

So I went back the First Day of Winter. It was 70 degrees.

Gotta love Charleston's weather.

Another friend had said he wanted to see it so we sat outside - under a shady umbrella - and ordered some appetizers with our first beer.

Actually a "flight" of four different beers in 5 oz. glasses.

Two types of sausages (brat and spicy Italian) on a pretzel roll, some bright green sliced pickles and a saucer of sauerkraut. Tasty.

Around us it was family time with children running around enjoying the nice weather.

Several young men were setting up corn hole boards for a team competition.

And the food smell was fantastic.

Maybe one of the large pretzels would be in order.

We did go inside of course.

We checked out the beer wall at the front of the room with a variety of high gravity brews that you pour yourself.

Then we sat on stools at the main bar and took in the view.

I was told the copper plating around the taps was "how they did it in Germany."

That familiar back bar treatment I had noticed over on Cumberland Street at the Craftsmen Kitchen & Tap House.

Neither place had oomph-pah-pah music playing but the atmosphere was fun and enjoyable midst Charleston's burgeoning craft beer expansion.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Saw construction was going full speed ahead at Edmund's Oast, the next new Brew Pub (biergarten?) going up at the old William S. Bird location on Morrison Drive, close to Tattooed Moose. 

I believe it is due to open in January.

Might watch the Super Bowl there in February.

If they have space heaters outside. 

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