Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Foggy Day...

Saw this in San Francisco.

It was posted on the side of a downtown bus stop kiosk.

Not surprisingly, there was a bank of thick white fog rolling across the "City By The Bay" even as I stopped to take my lop-sided skewed photo.

During my week there, the fog appeared every day but one.

And that one day was crystal clear.

I had just taken a taxi up quite steep Russian Hill and had clear views of Coit Tower on an adjacent hill.

The crisp downtown high rise buildings sprawled below me.

The next day I was aboard a Ferry for a cruise from Oakland to the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero.

This HAS to be the best travel bargain ever.

Go from point A to B to C and enjoy a changing harbor view along the way.

On the ferry return trip, I watched the fog inch over the hills of small Angel Island.

It was a regular ferry stop to pick up day-trippers and their bicycles.

I am assuming these are multi-speed bikes with fancy gears that let you pedal up and down the hills.

Of course, this is fog-in-motion.

Not a blinding "white out" that blocks out everything for hours at a time.

If the table with a view is empty, just wait a few minutes.

The swirling mist probably will clear away.

Your seat by the window is ready. Enjoy.

(Click to see more details. Unless it's foggy.) London has the pea soup-type fog. This one is fun to watch as it creeps along. Please stop by again to see what else happens on this recent trip. Did I mention the guys in theGentleman's Club who dress like 1920s gangsters? I will.

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