Monday, September 05, 2011

Burglers ....Orange Alert!

So you plan ahead for your vacation.

You have the post office hold your mail.

The newspaper is asked to NOT stack up the daily news in your yard.

The porch light burns night and day.

Don't want the bad guys to know you're away.

You come home to find the yellow pages directory has been hanging on your gate for 10 days. In a bright orange bag so it'll be noticed.

No signs of a break in and nobody ever steals phone books.

Good grief, I just downloaded 1098 pictures from my digital camera.

Two full memory cards.

Back in the day, a 35mm camera could shoot about 36 shots and then you had to stop and reload another roll of film.

A strong reminder that photo processing was expensive.

But, without digital, I might have missed a shot of my grandson testing his new/old Pogo Stick.

Andrew and I had gone to a HUGE Swap Meet in San Diego. He spotted this and the haggling started.

He bought it on the way out. Smart young man.

He and his sister Alex took me to see the extra high surf generated from a storm in New Zealand.

I mentioned we have The Washout at Folly Beach.

People were being alerted that high surf meant more possible peril to life and limb.

Surfers were out in force.

Danger is a warning to some and an attraction to others.

The grandchildren asked if I remembered the roller coaster at the beach that was built in 1929.

I said I did recall the wooden "monster."

I then changed the topic to ice cream.

Andrew's 3-scoop banana split looked VERY good.

I asked the counter man to make me one too.

Hey, bananas are healthy.

They are good for you.

(Click on the photos to see more details.)

Yes, of course there will be more vacation photos! Do come back and see what else happened in my personal vacation from retirement.

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At Mon Sep 05, 04:48:00 PM , Blogger Suzie said...

Looking forward to more photos! You beat me by a longshot. I only took 600 on my vacation. BTW - I used to live in San Diego. That is where we escaped from 6 years ago and then to the boat and then to Charleston. Charleston is much better than SD but it is fun to visit there. I will go see MY grandchildren there later this month!

At Tue Sep 06, 08:40:00 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

The Huge Swap Meet sounds like fun - and a place where I might get into lots of trouble. Like you, I'm often amazed to find out how may photos I've taken. Quite unlike the days of carrying around extra rolls of film.

At Wed Sep 07, 01:09:00 AM , Anonymous Judy Reeves said...

I've been looking forward to your blogs on your recent California trip. Will we see something from the Piper Cub, too? I noticed you were on the ground while the grand kids were on the roller coaster. But I bet you tried the pogo stick.


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