Saturday, August 06, 2011

Let There Be Light(s)....(a "sample" ad)

Do you need an 8-foot long light for your shop or garage? I found four very old ones and they're $10 each. As is.

I've cleaned them up a bit but you probably will want to spray a coat of white paint on before you wire them up.

The two 75watt bulbs are NOT included.

Hey...$10 each to light up your life.

My dad probably brought these back to his shop in the 1970s when he was remodeling and retro-fitting drug stores. He installed a string of them to light his own workspace.

These four he stashed in a corner, out of sight, behind something. I just spotted them, stacked neatly.

Somebody called and asked if they had reflectors (no), if they were wired with a plug-in (no)and were they ready to use (no).

I reminded him these things sell for $80 or $90 online at Tru-Value and And the bulbs are not included there either.

Another guy said a friend had told him about these. Wanted to know if the red, green and yellow still worked??

Seems he was looking for STOP lights.

(Click on the images to see more detail). This is a typical ad I compose to help sell items I find in my Dad's old workshop or around the house. Click on the link to see others. A picture in an ad makes it much more effective! Thought I would just show how my blog helps me sell things. Thanks. Shop responsibly.

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