Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good Shot(s)!

A new restaurant bar named HoM has opened on upper King Street - in the 500 block - near Cannon Street.

One thing that sets it apart from all the has two professional ping-pong tables in the back.

Not pool tables, but Forrest Gump-style paddle and little white ball set ups.

These are not the spindly legged shaky tables we all have seen in basements and rec centers.

The real deal. Sturdy. And there are LARGE graphics hanging on the wall.

At this particular table, you hear "Good shot" said aloud often.

On the way there, I had passed a quiet softly-lighted fire station on Cannon Street.

I had grown up on Society Street a block from the similar-looking station on Meeting at Wentworth Street.

After I left the Ping-Pong Bar, I was walking back to my car, aware that it was a nice slightly warm evening in a quiet neighborhood.

But, when all the red lights started flashing, I knew these firefighters were headed out on a possible emergency.

Unfortunately, they often have to make house calls.

I snapped a quick shot and wished them a safe evening.

(Click on pix for details.) Whoever chose that graphic above the table had a sense of humor.

Daunting. Dirty Harry-ish.

Play responsibly and stop by again.

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