Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good news and bad news...

Well, the oil change thing turned out good.

The fine people at TIRE KINGDOM in Mt. Pleasant looked at my coupon, good for a $17.99 service and said "Hey, we have a coupon online that will save you even more."

And they did. And it did.

In addition to changing the oil, adding tax and disposal fees, topping off all the car's fluids, rotating the tires and totally checking out the car, the total was $18.05. Wow.

Not only that, they have a hallway from their waiting room right into a Starbucks. Sweet.

So, riding high from this exchange, now I find I'm battling TWO banks.

Circle the wagons, Pilgrim, we're surrounded by people who want to mess with us.

Each month, one bank routinely ignores the password I use. Same password every month. Gets bounced.

Today it also did not recognize my computer. Same computer for almost two years.

Then, of course, it shut me out because I had tried too often.

I have a call in to my "personal banker."

The other bank pays good interest on MY money but it decides the hoops and hurdles I have to overcome to earn it.

So many transactions in a certain amount of days. BUT, they keep track of the "allowable" days that are credited.

Oops, we disagreed on one of the days. They say I was a day short. They kept the interest.

I have a call in for that "personal" banker too.

(Click on the pictures to see gigantic enlargements!) When clipping coupons, don't forget to check online too. Stuffing your money into a mattress gives you a comfortable feeling no banker ever has.

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