Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Back in the day...

I have worked with - and for - advertising agencies.

There, I'm not ashamed to admit I tried to convince people they needed to buy something.

Actually I had a client even BEFORE I joined an agency in Florida.

A wealthy local businessman wanted to be a professional race car driver and somehow he hired me to find him a sponsor. Or several if possible. Racing is 'spensive.

First step was create a brochure that explained what we were selling, what the benefits of being his sponsor were and, finally, what it cost.

This is the cover of the folder I developed to combine racing and business.

Unfortunately, he was a better business owner than driver. He NEVER finished a race so a sponsor would not see his name on the car at the front of the pack.

That's a tough sell but he was a nice guy.

After I did join a small agency, one of my clients was the North County Fair and they challenged me - the new guy - to come up with something different.

Well, sure.

Rides, animals, 4-H, cotton candy, family, balloons, wholesome fun.

Mix all that together and you come up with a vivid colorful piece of cross stitch (needlepoint?) art.

Wish I had taken a better shot of the huge billboard. Looked sweet!

I have seen my share of advertising ideas and unusual promotions.

One memento I treasure is a Life Time Membership card I was awarded when I retired from the newspaper.

It was an ad man's ideal dream. A value that continues to generate goodwill.

Something you show your friends.

This is so great THEY want one.

The clerk taking the card is impressed.

People nearby watch in awe as the card is run through the machine.

You hear a little murmur of envy from the crowd.

What a concept!

A friend - a customer - for LIFE!

What could go wrong?!


(Click on these old photos and they MIGHT get larger. But, probably not. That was old technology.) Read ads, clip coupons and go shopping. Don't buy groceries when you're hungry. Thanks for stopping by.

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