Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something's not right here...

Atlanta used to host a Midtown Music Festival in the Spring.

It was only a 5 hour drive so I attended for several years.

Never did check into this hotel though.

Something about it bothered me.

I have stayed in the 70-story Westin Peachtree Plaza downtown. I rode the elevator up to the top for the view - and drinks - but my room was only around 50 floors up.

Looks like I'll be heading over to Atlanta again this spring but not for the Midtown Festival.

Apparently it was losing money and was canceled a few years ago.

I'll be driving there for a Craig Ferguson stand-up concert.

He is the comedy star of Late, Late night television and is about to tape (er, um, sorry, of course the show is LIVE) perform his 1,000th show.

When his show is a rerun (LIVE - Repeated?) during holiday weeks, he goes on the road and I'll be able to see him perform LIVE on stage.

Here is the funniest carpet picture I've ever taken in an upscale hotel.

Surprise! There was no iron in the closet.

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