Monday, September 29, 2008

Can't Quite Make That out ....

I would have loaned Lucinda Williams MY glasses but then I couldn't see.

At the Performing Arts Center Saturday night, the singer and her band Buick 6 played a show that got better and better as her voice deepened and she relaxed a bit.

"You're a great audience..I like the shouted comments," she told the crowd.

She explained she had a book of lyrics on a stand in front of her so she could "just sing and not worry about remembering all the words." Then she flubbed a line.

"Oh, I meant to get more contact lenses before we started this 8-week tour for Little Honey, the new album, but I forgot to do that."

She was laughing at herself for a moment as members of the band kidded her and then a fan ran up to the edge of the stage and offered her a pair of glasses.

"Oh, I have glasses, I just didn't want to wear them tonight," she laughed and started the song over.

This time she got it right and the supportive crowd roared its approval.

We ARE nationally recognized as a polite city after all.

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