Monday, August 11, 2008

Dobro Ukelele ?

Got a pleasant surprise at Home Team last Friday night.
Mississippi Jon Short is traveling with Brandon Santini of Delta Highway and opened my eyes to the blues potential of a 4-string instrument other than the bass guitar.

The "cute" uke has come into its own in my world of the Memphis and Delta-style blues. At least in Short's nimble hands.

The band had played here in May so I was eager to hear them again. They offer an abundance of good blues so keep an eye out for when they'll be back.

Earlier in the week at A Dough Re Mi, Stevie Ray Vaughan was channeled by Randy Pavlock and his Austin, TX band Twenty-four seven. Wow.

Great music in a fast-growing blues venue ... and a great way to save a few bucks.

I had joined the Lowcountry Blues Club a few weeks ago and benefited from a substantial reduction of the cover charge at the front door. Two shows and the membership has paid for itself.

Get all the details by clicking the title above.

I HAVE to learn more about adding links.

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