Friday, July 25, 2008

007 Goldfinger's Poison Gas ....

We call it "The Dying Film."

My son was 8 years old and we had just seen James Bond, 007, in Goldfinger.

Chris suggested we do a short film using a poison gas like they did in the movie.

Sounded OK to me. WD-40 makes a nice visible "lethal" spray for the camera.

We ended up with about 5 minutes of film as Burbank neighbors fell on lawns and driveways, writhing in agony. They loved it.

The funny thing is we would ask other people for the next several years to "die for the camera" and edited it into the original film.

Over the years we moved to Florida and a neighbor in Tallahassee fell off his roof (a stuffed dummy) and others rolled into ditches clutching their throats. An entire beach party of 20 people dropped to the sand when I said 3-2-1.

The best addition was when I attended a wedding in Oklahoma and convinced the bride and groom to go back into the church and react to a blast of poison gas.
They "died" as a nice looking couple.

I just played the expanded film recently and I see it now runs about 20 minutes.

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At Sat Jul 26, 12:01:00 PM , Blogger Liz Remus said...

This is hilarious! If you have a dvr you could record it to a dvd and then post it to youtube. I'd love to see it!

This also reminds me of the recent movie "Be Kind Rewind". It stars Jack Black and Mos Def running a small VHS rental store and Jack Black erases all the tapes by accident because he wears tin foil. Hahah. So they recreate movies.

It's pretty funny and a really good movie. Check it out.

At Tue Aug 26, 08:53:00 PM , Blogger Paula Roberts said...

What a clever idea to continue this for so many years. What fun, too!


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