Monday, June 09, 2008

Music .... From AA to ZZ TOPS

Well, I finally ran out of days to continue covering Piccolo Spoleto as a SpoJo but I received a special surprise last night from my buddy.

He had won two tickets to the ZZ Top show at the Performing Arts Center. He heard a radio station promotion, called and got right through. How lucky can you get!?

First Row. Smack dab in the center. But, wait..there's more!

As usual, people all around me had those dinky little cameras built into their cell phones but, this time, my small - but very effective - digital camera WAS ALLOWED.

I have been seated up close for concerts before (10th row for The Eagles, second row for David Sedaris) but this time I could freely take pictures. Legally!

As Tops fans know, this Hall of Fame trio has played together almost 40 years with the same three people. No changes since 1969.

Billy F. Gibbons, guitar, has the reddish hair color and the gray beard is bassist Dusty Hill. Hey, sitting this close, with a good camera, I'm able to see more and share more.Frank Beard, the drummer, has long blonde hair and smokes filtered cigarettes.

(Click on photos for awesome details!)

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