Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shutting The Door On The Shower story

Began blogging the end of March 2006 and started on my Taj Mahal Shower project in April. Both projects have taken a lot of time. One has been a constant joy and the other has had its moments, ups and downs. One has barely begun, the other is over. Done. Door closed. Literally, as of today.

Along the way I found a few talented and dedicated craftsmen so if you are searching for an expert plumber - one who actually calls or stops by to see how things are going - or a true handyman who is a "jack of all trades." Maybe you need an excellent deck-builder or an artist who works with marble and tile. Just let me know. I will share their names and how to contact them.

If you are looking for a general contractor to oversee a major project around your home, check with me on that too. The Better Business Bureau has some suggestions you should follow and I know at least one name you can cross off your list.

So the bathroom "upgrade" project is completed and the deck was expaned so it stretches across the entire back of the 2-story house. A window was removed and replaced with French doors so I can stand up from the computer and walk out onto the deck and enjoy the ceiling fans located beneath an overhang my Dad designed. The fans really do keep away the bugs and the weather is nice enough now to entice me outside.

I live in a house that my Dad built. He was a fantastic carpenter and cabinetmaker and the first thing he added to their small 800 sqft house was a 50 x 20 foot work shop downstairs. He expanded the front of the house too and the back and today it's about 4000 sqft.

I was able to finish parts of his dream house and added central heating and air but I'm sure he never envisioned the bathroom I have!

Dad also would not recognize "the shop" after I found that Lowe's offered discounted mis-matched paint for $3 a gallon or $1 a quart.

Someone comes in, they mix a color and it's not right so Lowe's started selling these oddball colors very cheap.

I have gathered together quite a selection and downstairs now is VERY bright and colorful. It used to be dark and looked like.... a work shop.


At Fri Sep 08, 01:58:00 PM , Blogger Harriet said...

Chuck great job. Congrats on your beautiful renovation project. I am currently under the black cloud of having a brand new oven installed that doesn't work! Aiiiiieeeee.

Harriet (GMLc)

At Fri Sep 08, 04:06:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

I know that black cloud feeling but sunny days are ahead for you. Hopefully you will not have to go four months without an oven!

Is the store installing it for you or a handyman? I've got a great guy.

At Fri Sep 08, 08:16:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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