Friday, November 18, 2022

Neighbor to neighbor...

A year and four months ago, I said farewell to the house my dad built and left Hanahan, moving into The Elms near CSU/Trident hospital. Every so often I swing by Dashi in Hanahan for a couple of pork belly tacos and usually drive by my old neighborhood. WOW. My former yard is packed with vehicles...two cars, two trucks, a motorcycle and a small boat. I also had heard that my painter/neighbor had cancer and saw the exterior of his house had been painted. What an odd color! Have you had the baby? Hope everyone is healthy and well. You were a great neighbor and I am glad I got to know you guys. What an odd coincidence that YOU were picked to be the engineer to assess my new property! Established myself here as a retired newspaper photographer and submitted a few photos to the monthly newsletter. That resulted in me being the "official" Elms photographer! The Elms has a 15-passenger van for organized outings (Today 14 of us are going to Mepkin Abbey followed by lunch at Gilligan's.) Earlier trips included a noon to 5 pm outing to a restaurant for lunch and sipping visits to THREE Craft breweries! Drink and ride. what a great conceot. At the Rusty Bull Brewery, I noticed there was an axe throwing room adjacent to the brewery...what could possibly go wrong? A few months ago, a house across the street from mine had a serious fire but nobody was injured! I had a roofing guy walk my roof to see if any sparks landed but I was spared. Houses on both sides had their siding melt and new roofs for both. (A neighbor snapped this photo of the fire then quickly moved his vehicles!) I arrived as the flames were doused and firemen cooled off! Finally felt comfortable to travel again after COVID and spent a week in Las Vegas, a week with my younger daughter Heather up in Minneapolis and a week in October in Montreal's Fall colors. Keep in touch!


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