Monday, August 30, 2021

When Positive is a NEGATIVE sign...

 On August 16, 2021, I was tested at Roper St. Francis Urgent Care on University Blvd and it showed I was positive with Covid.

I was in the midst of selling my home of 20 years, vacating the premises. packing and moving into a new home in The Elms Retirement Community. 

Worst timing ever - and really unexpected - as I had received both Pfizer Vaccines: first one Feb 8 and the second on March 5, 2021.

My son flew in from San Diego and we rented separate rooms at the Marriott in Nexus close to where my Realtor Leah and Jared Ortega had their offices. 

After 5 days, my son returned to California and my daughter arrived from Oakland, kept me isolated, working with the realtors while having me tested several times. 

(THOSE results are still pending? What is the value of a test where - days later - you still had never heard the results!)

Finally, 3 days later, we both were tested with immediate results and were told we both now were NEGATIVE. The movers had completed everything at the new house so we drove our separate cars and finally, I entered the new, now completely furnished house!

I was amazed where things had been unpacked and were expertly placed! Everything looked perfect!

The cat realized this new place did not have the neat screen porch she had liked so well..but it had a beautiful SUN ROOM!

And, I realized, now I also was hungry.


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