Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Very Tired OG*


I am totally exhausted. 
THIS is not what old men should be doing..because it stresses that I AM indeed a stressed old man!

 My new gated Elms Community has a pool, a gym, outings, programs, and HOA will tend to my lawn and the outside of the house, so, I have sold ALL of my exercise equipment, garden tools (even a nice wheelbarrow), and am getting rid of all the home repair stuff accumulated over the years.

My folks were the keepers of photo albums..dating back to the 1920s and earlier..so I asked my younger brother if he wanted any?

He said he knew none of these thousands of unidentified people so I agreed to go through ALL of them, discarding and burning huge piles of black and white photos of men and women wearing "sexy"(not) beach costumes or standing in groups, mugging for the camera.

Every so often there WOULD be writing on the back of a poorly exposed photo, taken 70 or 80 years ago, but the best-written one was "No need to say who THIS is!" And, didn't.

I did not realize how photos and slick, coated magazines would burn so fast and furious! My burn barrel was sizzling hot

I looked at every page in the stacks of many albums and sorted out any of me and my brother, any of our kids growing up, and made individual stacks to share...Sad to say the quality of the photography was...bad. Faded, blurred, poorly posed, zero interest to a stranger! Nice bonfire fuel.

Hopefully, the trash men WILL empty a heavy can filled with empty photo albums and other relics from the past. My son is flying in from San Diego to help me for four days with any "heavy lifting" and moving furniture around after the movers depart.

*Old Guys


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