Saturday, April 10, 2021

Was distracted for a while....

 The BLOGGER.COM people made some changes a few months ago. It affected my ability to easily jot down my thoughts, add a few photos and post it in my collection.

A friend came over and showed me a "workaround" so I posted several things but it wasn't my usual, visual, free-wheeling use of photos that is a key part of my blog name: Chuck + Photography. 

Oh, I also had started writing a weekly column for a new local publication started by Charlie Williams, a former editor of our paper The Post and Courier. 

Charlie launched it as the Mt. Pleasant Journal then later expanded its coverage and now calls it THE COAST, reporting items of events from Myrtle Beach all the way down to Beaufort. It is online each week on Friday.

So, because my Blog was in Limbo, I have been writing the weekly column but was faced with the same problem of not being able to use many photographs. Sigh.

The 2-or 3 photos Charlie is able to add to my column have to be stacked at the top instead of interspersed throughout the story as I used to be able to do in my blog postings.

And, sometimes, the particular photo I really liked was not used, so I have learned to send ONLY the three I would like to see in my column,

A case in point was a piece I wrote about store shelves being emptied early in the Pandemic. I had sent along several actual scenes of some shelves being picked clean but he did NOT use my favorite photo I took when my local Bi-Lo closed in March 2016 and ALL the shelves were bare!

I had stopped in the day before they actually locked the doors and saw that ALL was bare..Produce, frozen, meat, bread, etc. Really a haunting view.

So, today I am clicking on the photo I had wanted him to use. Feels good to see it in context!

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