Sunday, November 01, 2020

Coulda been a millionaire!


My 14-year old blog has avoided getting into national politics but I did just write about a nice benefit of all the clamor, drama, and repetition in the incessant deluge of one-sided, mainly negative ads slamming another candidate. Not policy, just slurs.

You may not even have noticed the blessed absence/relief from the excessive trial lawyers' ads, bragging about how they expertly obtained gigantic Jackpot Judgments for their accident victim-clients!

Happy faces in the ads exclaiming "I got $100,000 - $300K - or even more than a million!" WOW!

The small print in these ads proclaims "past settlements do not guarantee similar great future awards" or something to that effect. And, rightly so, it should be noted.

A few years ago my elderly mom, walking with a cane, was hit by a car backing out of a store's parking space and she was knocked to the ground. 

An alert employee ran over, banging on the driver's window yelling for him to stop. "Why? said the startled driver. 

He stopped, aid was given to my mom as she lay stunned on the hot asphalt and an ambulance took us to the hospital. She recovered and we met with an attorney who was recommended to me. Don't think he ever had any tv ads.

He got the store's security camera footage that recorded the whole sequence, showed it to the insurance agent for the driver and the agent quickly agreed to pay $100,000, the maximum liability coverage his client had. 

This was a nice bright spot for my mom as she recovered. It sorta helped ease the pain she had felt.

Handing mom a check (minus his 18% fee that we had negotiated), our attorney mused that it was "too bad the driver's coverage was not higher..we could easily have gotten a million dollars."

I remember that every time I see lawyers bragging about the huge settlements they "fought hard to get" for their clients. Too bad my mom was injured by a low-ball liability coverage driver.

And, hey, do you know what else has no room for viewing on tv -well, until Election Day? The wild array of wonder drugs that you and I are told we must inform our doctor about and request he prescribe! 

The litany of side-effects that are also in the ad is horrible and frightening. Yikes.

During this ongoing pandemic, I continue hunkering down at home watching more Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and other such entertainment...without all the mind-numbing ads! It helps keep me sane.

Please stay healthy and smart. 

Oh, and be sure to wear the damned mask!

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