Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hard to express THANK YOU...

 As you may recall, a few weeks ago was National Newspaper Carrier Day. YAY.. My brothers and I had done that when we were growing up.

I found out a day or two later, so I took the full-page ad that announced the salute to carriers and attached an envelope with two $5 bills tucked inside.

I hung it on my front yard gate that evening so my unknown carrier would see it when opening the gate to lob my paper up on the porch sometime before dawn.

The next day, my paper was on the porch but the envelope - unopened - still hung where I had put it.

For several mornings, it remained where I had replaced it the evening before....removing it each morning so the mailman would not think the "Carrier" in mind was him (or her) in the afternoon.

Didn't want it hanging there in the morning either when schoolkids trooped past.

Hmm, I tried pinning it to the front of the banister at the foot of the stairs. Nope.

I laid it on the ground at night inside the open gate and various other obvious sightlines. 

Still no taker!

Weeks later, frustrated, I called the paper and explained my futile attempts to reward my carrier with my appreciation for good service.

Good response reaction there and Circulation said it would alert the carrier there was a goodie being proferred.

Finally, I got tired of remembering to hang or place the now faded newspaper page and the soggy envelope out as a gracious pre-dawn present.

Some people just can't accept praise.


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