Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Fact, Fiction and inbetween...

Lots of serious discussion going on about voting in the upcoming election.

First, mainly the military who were out-of-state were able to use an absentee ballot. Makes sense, they probably would have preferred to be HERE I am sure. 

Then, with pandemic fears of infecting each other at the polls, absentee ballots could be sent out to people meeting certain guidelines, and, as I am over 65 years old, I could get one.

Wisdom then decreed that EVERYONE could get a safe-at-home voting process mail-in ballot. OK, made it easy-peasy to vote!  And people started sending them in.

OOPS, not so fast. First we were told someone had to witness us actually signing the ballot. Hmm, my bank lobby is closed so can't go there to seek a notary public to officially be my witness. But, I have a cousin who has the stamp and is licensed as a Notary.

Then we were told anybody could be a witness but a witness was no longer required for our ballot. YAY!
BUT, then the witness requirement came back as people were mailing in votes.

I received my absentee ballot but I waited to see if things would flip-flop again. The Berkeley County voting officials I called said after October 17, I could take my ballot to the Hanahan Library, have someone there witness my signing and then I deposit it in an official ballot collection box!

Fears of mail tampering also would be eliminated so my vote would be valid and counted.

Just like in a true democracy.

Growing up here in Charleston, I often heard about our two rivers coming together to form the Atlantic Ocean. 

Hmm, must be true, I just saw it illustrated on the Internet...


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