Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Making choices during pandemic...

Feeling better now that the big box stores are clamping down on enforcing the Wear A Mask rules.

Still feeling more comfortable at COSTCO than at Sam's Club.

Uh, Wal-Mart...not so much.

I am older, have been hunkering down at home for MONTHS but have to venture out now that I have been emptying my freezer. Need to refill it a bit

I DID pause a moment just to make sure I saw the price correctly for two  New York steaks at COSTCO...$130!

Yeah, I had heard of expensive "Kobe Beef" made from pampered grass-fed critters but, never been to Japan so had not tasted that treat. Still have not!

I opened the freezer door, stuck in my phone cam and snapped a shot before my lens fogged.

Coming back to my senses, I bought TWO pepperoni pizzas for $12 and the first one looked great, was tasty and very affordable. The second one has found a place in my freezer.

Oh, here's an update on the fine screen porch enclosure I had assembled on part of the deck on the back of my house.

I enjoy sitting out there, bug-free, reading or just nodding off beneath the cooling ceiling fan.

The cat loves to be "outside" too. after almost a decade of being an inside cat.

Now she goes to the door first thing in the morning, sits there staring at the closed French door.

I am doing other things but eventually, I see here stationed there, give in and crack open the door.

She does NOT contribute to the cost of air conditioning but my feline friend provides me company in these lonely days, weeks, and months of coping safely with Covid-19.

She's a cool cat!

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At Wed Sep 02, 10:47:00 AM , Blogger Marcheline said...

I'm with you on expensive beef... I'd go for the pizzas too. On the other hand, if I really had a hankering to try kobe beef, I would (in post-COVID days) (if there are any) try and find a restaurant that serves it, and splash out on a fancy dinner where I could taste the dish properly prepared, and have an experience adventure as a delicious memory.
Glad you're enjoying your screened in bit, and the kitty too!


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