Friday, September 18, 2020

Grass spreads at its own pace...

If the grass in my yard grew as fast as my hair, the bare spots would be covered by now!

But, I still am digging up patches of grass - roots, dirt and all - and re-planting them where I want grass. 

I was hoping the tendrils that reach out would speed things along, but Mother Nature sets her own pace. I am patient though and will continue to do plug-ins for a while longer.

***Just found out that, after 14 years of using Blogger for my 1100 postings, It has cancelled the "old way" and either they will have a new layout or I will have to switch..probably to Word Press. 

Unable to easily create new postings, fine tune my blog, go back and correct things,  so am VERY glad I have ALL of my blogs in 6 volumes, hardcover, expertly created by Blog2Print. Yay!


At Sat Dec 11, 10:01:00 AM , Anonymous Tasting with Tiffany said...

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