Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Boy, it's another hot one!

Just finished my hour on the machines downstairs. I'll rest a bit until Friday...3 exercise sessions per week on M/W/F.

I have 3 oscillating fans and a huge shop fan moving a LOT of warm air. About 80+ degrees downstairs so I also sweat off weight.

My dad never installed AC even after he doubled the size of the house.  

But, he also never saw the upstairs expansion finished out either. 

Years before, during a visit up from Tallahassee, I put a window unit in the kitchen and another one in their bedroom.

Ornery cuss that he was, rather than toss and turn and complain about "being cold," he started sleeping in the second bedroom! Mom had no comments on that change!

When he went into a nursing home, Mom asked if I would move in as her roommate because she did not want to stay there alone.
I agreed and one of the first things we did was split the cost of installing central HVAC. 

We also had a contractor finish my side of the house into a neat bachelor pad. 

We were roommates for 10 years before she went into the same nursing home where she used to visit dad.

In her will, she left me the house, after informing my two brothers of her intention. They were in Florida and Oklahoma and quickly agreed I was here and able to help her stay in her home for a decade.

I had noticed she had a chair and a small table on the landing of the stairs outside the kitchen. 

She liked to relax out there when it wasn't too hot.

Hey, now there were TWO of us to sit out there so I had the stairs removed, a deck built, and had ceilings fans installed to cool her.

She loved the deck and would have REALLY enjoyed the added screen porch enclosure.

No bugs.

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At Thu Sep 03, 09:16:00 PM , Blogger Marcheline said...

That's a sweet story - I'm glad you were there for your mom. Sounds like the two of you were pals.

At Fri Sep 11, 12:49:00 PM , Blogger Marcheline said...

PS: Have you heard from Joan Perry lately? She hasn't blogged in yonks!


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