Sunday, August 02, 2020

Great Company and OUTDOOR fresh air...

 A dear friend and I have just had a second meal together during the pandemic.

We agreed on a time and place (her house in West Ashley) and I arrived on time with a bottle of white wine.

Again, we sat outside on her cozy patio, seated at least 6-feet apart on a cool Saturday afternoon.

Joan had set up a large fan,  directed toward me, and a smaller "personal" USB fan covering her end of the table.

Apart, we removed our masks and felt safe conversing as we dug into the Philly Cheesesteak hoagies that had been delivered to her front door just after I arrived.

Oh, great, she had them add french fries too!

When we dined like this before, I did not take any photos of the very large brown bear in her back yard,

She had just painted it and was going to get some blue paint to clean up the base. I asked about the glaucoma-white eyes and she said some of the blue paint would add back the missing pupils!

This is her largest "guest mascot" but she reminded me she has a full-size mermaid in her house.

Trying to figure the "size" of a mythical figure, I let that comment stand.

Joan added there was a real wooden Cigar Store Indian in her garage breezeway.

This fun friend likes her 2nd new house after leaving a longtime residence on the peninsula.

The empty discarded beer cans and finding her driveway often blocked were some of the downsides she said of living in the Historic District.

A very nice backyard here was a great setting for our outside visit and meal.

I commented on the cute storage shed she had a local craftsman make. The added stain glass window at the top utilized another of her varied keepsakes.

Joan and I were "fellow bloggers" for a few years after I started but the sparse fans of my efforts were minor compared to her huge audience!

Lately, she has found that her posting on Facebook boosts her already gigantic gang of followers to dizzying proportions!

I always learn new things from her so I will explore her suggestions on how to reach more people with the 7 or 8 postings a month that I write and place online.

I said I had just ordered my 2018-2020 postings to be Volume 6 of the series I started with Blog2Print bound books quite a few years ago. Joan laughed and said she had too many to even consider doing that...but she did jot down the online link.

I drove home, very pleased to have spent some relaxing time with Joan again.

During this pandemic, she and I have also shared a meal at my house, sitting socially-distanced, on my new screened porch addition to my deck.

Isolation is not that bad when you can share it with a delightful, interesting friend.

My cat liked her too.  (You know how I do on the photos and links for more details.)

And, please, wear a mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing!

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At Mon Aug 10, 08:34:00 AM , Blogger Marcheline said...

I have been a blog-friend of Joan's for ages now... please tell her we miss her on her blog! She hasn't posted for AGES!!


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