Monday, November 25, 2019

"Love's Lantern..."

Sometimes I go do something, it's really great but I delay writing about it on my blog.

Hate when I do that and I look back at my laziness and just shake my head.

Here's a great event that you can read about here and see pictures I took and - best news of all - it's going to be open Wednesday through Sundays - for the next four months!

The first weekend it was open, I had
headed out to see what all this Lantern Talk was all about.

After a ferocious, monsoon-like rain out the previous weekend, my friends and I last night enjoyed a stroll around 9-acres of spectacular  Chinese Lantern Festival displays at Charleston's Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

 (I understand there is a much larger one in NYC but we are the only public garden in the U.S. as the site of this Chinese import.)

Joan Perry a fellow-blogger, received free tickets and included me so I drove us through an icy rain last weekend only to be met at the gate with "Sorry, it is too dangerous to turn on the generators and all of the extensive electrical cablings have been flooded." 

Joan followed up with a request for a literal Rain Check and secured us tickets for yesterday evening walkabout.... a nice 50 degrees, clear skies and not very crowded at all on a Sunday night.

Free admission was important for the three of us. We are invited to events and write about them on our blog...admission is  $26 per person, a $3 bus shuttle can bring you from several local parking lots and if you do choose to park at the Gardens, it is $50! *Be sure to plan ahead and not just show up!)

(*Important update..the parking is now free at the Gardens and the shuttle has been discontinued!)

On our aborted try the week before, I had parked at a nearby strip mall and we took Uber the rest of the way. 

Fortunately, when we were told the park was closed, the driver just turned around and brought us back to my car. 

We also found that my handicap parking card allowed us to park there last evening and we were able to not pay the $50 parking fee on-site,  so there also was no Uber cost!)

OK, so I DID write and share and I encourage you to take time to go see this spectacular array of bright and clever tableaux in a beautiful setting at our Magnolia gardens.

Be sure to click on the link and the photos for more details about the months-long highlighted event.

The Chinese New Year symbol behind me is MY sign - the Rabbit. 

The whole array of such "Chinese Year Of " symbols are displayed so find yours and snap a Selfie.
Saw a little girl walk up to one of the signs showing the outline of a hand image with a slash through which means "hands-off" to us adults. 

She giggled, slapped it with her small palm and said "High Five!"

(Oh, and check out the title Love's Lantern poem by Joyce Kilmer.)

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