Friday, October 18, 2019

M-o-w-n doesn't souind like t-o-w-n

I was a bit surprised yesterday to see a VERY large tractor-like machine idling across the street from my house. Stretched out behind it was a huge grass mowing apparatus like I have seen in use alongside freeways, taming the overgrown grass and making everything neater. 

Usually one sees a sign signaling "Mowing Ahead." No such sign on my street but I figured it out and approached the driver's door and saw he was eating a white bread ham and cheese sandwich as the engine idled with a rumble.

Or, maybe the sandwich was to quiet HIS stomach?

He popped open the clear plastic door to his air-conditioned cubicle and I asked if he was mowing the right of way today? He wiped his chin with a napkin, smiled and said he was and they do it about every 5 or 6 weeks.

"My lawnmower is not working and I wondered if you could mow the area on both sides of the sidewalk in front of my house, cutting the grass closer to my chain-link fence?"

He answered he could do that for me, although usually, the city did just the edge by the street. I thanked him and went home to get my camera and be ready when he mowed the rest of the block and turned to come back. 

I watched him finish the other side, make a wide turn and rumble back my way.

Sure enough, as he neared, he lowered and extended the cutting blades and neatly trimmed the grass in front of my house, gave me a wave as he veered back out to the normal path and clattered away. 

He had told me this would probably be the last time for 3-4 months, resuming again after winter when the grass would be growing up again.

Wonder if he will remember me and my request for a wider swath on this street in front of this house?  If I hear him coming next year, I'll probably offer him a sandwich.

It has been a while since I did a post on my blog.

Let's just say I have been busy.

A retired guy sez he's busy..doing what? Sleeping until noon?

Well, NOT mowing my lawn, that's for sure!

Not that I HAVE much lawn these days. To even out some low spots in my back yard that formed puddles when it rained, I had TWO truckloads of dirt delivered and dumped out back!

I took a fake shot of me with a shovel and a wheelbarrow but a neighbor - who also had dirt delivered - came over with his  John Deere tractor.

And we (uh, he) moved the dirt around as we tried to remedy the formation of rain puddles.

Still mainly a dirt yard so not too excited about getting my lawnmower running again.

After both of our yards were level, he attached a mesh screen behind his old lawnmower, added bricks for weight and began dragging it around.

And around and around and around Then it was my turn to do the dragging....smoothing the surface.

Click on the photos for more detail. 

Been a while, I almost forgot my standard close.

Have not even thought about buying grass seed yet.

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