Monday, February 04, 2019

"Down" doesn't always mean sad or depressed...

 My Photo Group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

A member suggested we assign a Theme to the photos presented during our monthly "Show & Tell*."

(*This is one way the group encourages each other to get out and take photos and then share them at the next meeting.)

I usually wait until the last minute - toward the end of the meeting - to announce the optional theme for the next month.

This one gave us lots to think about seeing and taking photos that reflect "Down."

Like when I spray painted my wire fence with a shiny new silver coating -  and was too lazy to mask off the plants.

Actually, I did start stuffing an old tarp between the fence railing and the bushes. But soon gave that up.

In hindsight, it would have been easier than snipping off so many of the afflicted leaves and branches.

But, the yard fencing looks a lot nicer.

Had my camera with me downtown and looked around - and down - and saw this short train track I was standing on that ended abruptly.

Hmm,  it started AND ended it's short run by Ann Street and might have been old trolly tracks.

I was standing close to old buildings from the Camden Yards railroad buildings (reflected in the puddle pictured above) so it might be part of an old spur track long ago abandoned.

And, speaking of old railroads downtown, it appears a major renovation is going on with the building housing the BEST FRIEND CHARLESTON locomotive museum on John Street

(This would qualify as Looking Down in history if we were keeping score.)

Do click on the link to see the connection between one of the earliest "commercial" steam engines and its ties to historic Charleston.

It is conveniently located close to the Children's Museum where my youngest grandson Aiden spent a lot of time while visiting.

I could go into a long-winded explanation and point out what area this map represents, but, to be honest, it was just the remains of a rusty sidewalk puddle on Ann Street.

We photographers usually take a long look around when we have our camera in hand.

Behind us, what's above us and, naturally, what we see when we look down.

Tied nicely into the optional theme for February.

This aptly named sign actually disappeared a few years ago.

It was my favorite Irish pub and restaurant on Daniel Island for a while before it closed.

Used to offer a full Irish breakfast..even at 5 o'clock. 

So there I could have a tasty breakfast with a Guinness beer if I wanted.

Sad when it closed...but not "down" sad.

And, speaking of beer, while I was downtown,  I stopped at Palmetto Brewing Company to see how it was faring these days.

I knew a huge apartment building was going up but found it was not just next door, and it was wrapping around the back of the brewery.

In fact, according to Rick Rice, the Location Manager who gave me a brief walk around to see the scope of their new neighbor(s), It stands where the brewery loading dock used to be.

I used to come to the "Dock Concerts" right in front of me and thought THAT indeed was their dock, not tucked around back. 

The city decreed they had to have a dock so - during the day, trucks will come and go where we used to stand and listen to music.

But in the evening tables and chairs would be placed over the sturdy driveway and the popular music shows will be restarted.

Rick said the B.A.R. wanted to see what the new sturdy driveway would look like, so they had a small example built.

I am looking down at the new way the driveway leading to the dock/concert stage will look.

Palmetto is certainly aware of the many, many new customers the apartments represent!

There will be a fence of course, and apartment dwellers will some out to stand on their balconies when the Dock Music Concerts start.

Drinking beers, perhaps.

Hopefully from their nearest neighbor.

(Click on the links and photos for more details.)

I already know what the optional theme will be for March.

Hint: probably the color green is involved..

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