Friday, January 04, 2019

Hold the phone!

 My 3-year old cell phone has been "fading" for some time - not holding a battery charge -  and it finally died.

This telephonic tragedy happened while I was spending Christmas with my daughter and family in Oakland, in sunny - but chilly - California.

My sharp "take charge"  daughter sped us to a T-Mobile store where we were told my phone indeed was officially toasted and the battery could NOT be simply replaced. 

It had been a good 3-year run. Sigh. 

My buddy had found a "deal" and each of our phones had cost about $350.

BUT, the salesman added, they had a sale going on!
What are the odds of that happening? 

He showed me a comparable NEW LGQ7+ phone that would be only $275! 

Hmmm. I checked out the details and bought it. 

While the salesman went through a lengthy process of slipping in a new SIM card and moving ALL of my stored material to the new phone, the ladies and I engaged in delightful chit-chat. 

Soon we were on our way and I was snapping photos with my new phone.

That evening, at a park near her home, we walked her dog Scout who loved to chase after thrown rocks. No sticks for this one!

We stayed for a gorgeous sunset over downtown Oakland and, to the right, San Francisco.

The next day - Dec 27 - her mother was flying back to San Diego that evening.

We had a yummy brunch and all thoughts of my diet and counting carbs went out the window! 

I was ready to relax and enjoy the (tolerated) forbidden fruit... and LOTS of the sweet rolls, buttery Texas Toast, chocolate, whipped cream...well, you get the ghastly gourmand picture.

The holiday decorated diner was near my daughter's home so, after filling my plate and mouth, we headed into "the City by the Bay." 

Her spouse was preparing dinner that evening and checking new tenants into the Mod Cat Hotel*

A fun day in the city, great food and we arrived home just in time for dinner.

Stepping out of the car, my new phone slipped from the jacket I had draped over my arm and smashed into the brick walkway, shattering the screen!


Sitting on the porch was an Amazon package that had arrived that day with the $18 protective cover for the phone. 

I was numb and feeling really dumb. 

My daughter hugged me and assured me it would be good as new again and she called an Oakland phone repair store. The gentleman said he could be there in an hour to fix it ...but...he did not have the parts needed. He said Amazon could deliver what was needed on Saturday. 

I was flying out Friday the next morning so she thanked him and ordered the parts to be delivered to me at home on Saturday!

My flights back were scrambled because of nationwide stormy weather.

Delayed and/or canceled was the order of the day for the airlines all across the country that Friday. 

Eventually, I landed in Charleston at 12:45 Saturday morning instead of my 10:35 pm Friday scheduled arrival time.

My late departure was routed Oakland to Phoenix but I had to scramble to get on a flight from there to Charlotte, knowing that when I arrived there, I would have no seat to Charleston!

I was on standby but was lucky and got me a seat for the hour flight home. My checked luggage had made it as far as Dallas and would be delivered to my home "soon."

The needed parts arrived around 10 am and that afternoon I drove to the myPhone MD store downtown with my fingers crossed.

 The owner and I had chatted before I headed there and Taylor Daniels, the repair technician,  quickly said I did have the correct parts.

He assured me I would have my fully repaired phone in less than an hour!

There was a convenient bar next door (of course) so I had a whiskey on the rocks and a grilled chicken and Swiss sandwich.

I chatted with the bartender and some fellows at the bar. and,  45-minutes later, I went back and picked up my phone!

The repair was only $70 because I furnished the parts.

When the owner heard I was going to blog about them, he gave me a free $20 USB-C battery charging cord. None of the ones I had for the dead phone would work so now I had one and a backup.

I immediately called my daughter to tell her that her vision of the phone good as new again was fulfilled! 

I like stories with a happy ending.

This is the sweater I bought so I would fit in with the others.

Hey, they own a Cat Hotel.

When I left, the sweater stayed behind. I was told it would be made into a cute pillow for the cattery.

A double "happy ending."

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At Mon Jan 21, 08:38:00 PM , Blogger CarolinaDreamz said...

What a phone nightmare! I need a new phone, too. Mines been holding on for over 5 years.

At Mon Jan 21, 08:45:00 PM , Blogger chuckography said...

The lesson I learned: if you need repair information, don't ask a salesman in a phone store.

The repair folks here said the battery in my 3-year-old Nexus 6 COULD be replaced. Duh.

I may go ahead and do that...Haha.


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