Thursday, September 27, 2018

Django Reinhardt Gypsy Jazz..

Last Tuesday night - in the midst of grave concern about approaching Hurricane Florence - the Charleston Music Hall rewarded those of us  who stuck around and ignored the Mandatory Evacuation.

And well we DID stay in town and went to the Django Reinhardt Review show on John Street.

Or, I should say, Rue de Jean, for it was a French Gypsy Jazz sort of evening featuring hours of music and fun starring the Stephane Wrembel Band.

Fastest hands I've ever seen.

While technically it's true that both of us OWN guitars, mine sits collecting dust.

Stephane really PLAYS his... and at a frantic pace!

The bass player was local and had worked with Stephane so he sat in for the bassist who could not make it.

I am a real fan of the music of Django Reinhardt so it was a very satisfying evening even as thoughts of the approaching storm were in my head.

The other guitarist and Stephane alternated, one strumming a rapid background while the other 's fingers flew all over the strings!

They played well together - and have done so for years -  and each had their solo moments.

The drummer used brushes most of the evening and provided a solid backing.

A comforting thought as we entered the Music Hall was a spectacular and non-threatening sunset and colorful cloud formations.

Later, when we were spared the damaging winds and excessive rain and flooding just a few miles to the north of us in Georgetown, I was glad the band decided to venture here.

Two other events had canceled and have been rescheduled at the popular downtown venue.

Dates are put on the calendar many, many months in advance.

Mother Nature has ample opportunity to disregard all the careful planning and bend us to her will.

Fortunately, it was an "All's well that ends well" evening.

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