Thursday, May 18, 2017

My third craft mini-brewery crawl...

 I take drinking a tasty beer seriously.

My credentials as a beery knowledgable guy involved flying to Dublin, Ireland and stopping at the main Guinness Storehouse to be entertained and educated in how to pour a perfect pint.

I could have fooled around, drinking my many "mistakes," but I opted to get it right the first time.

There are 6 steps and too often in bars I spot errors but usually bite my tongue.

Then I just sadly drink the not-exactly-perfect pint.

If I am having a second pint, I do speak up and explain how I was shown by Guinness experts to pull the tap forward for the pour...wait 60 seconds...and then push the tap handle back to complete the pour.

The first pour, with the glass tilted 45 degrees,  energizes the nitrogen, creating literally millions of bubbles.

After it settles, start the second pour at 50% volume so as not to damage the head that has formed, holding the glass upright.

Some appreciate my wisdom while others continue in their error-filled way. Sigh.

I also had discovered cask ales in London and Scotland, but now, here, I am concentrating on our fine local craft brews.

Twisted Cypress is an excellent example of sweat equity producing a brewery long on interest and ability. And taste.

The facility on Sam Rittenberg is a former Moose Lodge that was empty for a decade and fated to be a parking lot.

It was handmade-over by three dedicated brewers.

Reconstruction of the building allowed the freedom to make it just the way they felt it needed to be.

Fitting for the first microbrewery in West Ashley, Mayor John Tecklenburg cut the ribbon before 300 eager coffee and craft beers fans.

It's a coffee house in the mornings and brews later in the day.

I have learned a lot in this craft beer blitz.

So many variations of the physical property.

Wide differences in the number and size of steel vats and tanks.

A wide lawn-like grassy plot out back of Twisted Cypress.

A view of the Ashley River from the deck of Freehouse Brewery.

New developments and changes on allowing dogs at breweries.

Here's an interesting - and unusual view looking down on the bar at the new location of  Frothy Beard Brewing in West Ashley.

Made the move from North Charleston to West Ashley about two months ago.

The bearded ones now have the largest brewery taproom in Charleston.

The "loft" above the bar is great for people watching.

Turn around up there and look down on the rows of shiny new barrel tanks.

The demand kept growing so the expansion came months before they were planned to be added.

There was a Zombie Bob's Pizza truck out in the spacious parking lot but I was pleased to see they also have an inside table-service layout.

The aroma is very enticing and it's family friendly in the high-ceiling taproom.

Some will notice there were only two microbreweries in this posting.

The "standard" flight of 4-glasses of sample beers - some pretty high gravity - has now grown to a 7 sample offering at Twisted Cypress.

Moderation had me stop at 4 + 7 for the evening.

(Click on the photo and links for more details.)

Thanks for tagging along on my three mini-brewery craft beer tours.

I added one solo trip to Oak Road in Summerville where you can have a $2.00-$2.50 sample of every beer they make.

"Flights" of fancy indeed.

Was just reminded by a buddy that North Charleston  soon will be the home of Pawleys Island Brewing Company.

Maybe I'll be invited for a sneak peek?

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