Sunday, May 28, 2017

Craft beers and a road trip to Atlanta...

 I know my way around quite a few craft breweries here in Charleston so I "took it on the road" to Georgia's capital for a look at two there.

Did some research and it appears we have at least twice as many Crafters here than there are in Atlanta.

Hmm, would have thought just the opposite.

I earned my wings at Blue Tarp Brewing, in Decatur.

Saw the painting on the wall,  just sauntered over and posed as I sipped.

Then I saw other backdrops and the suggestion that they would appreciate people posting their photos online.

Another very large chalk board tried to give a quick overview of how the state of Georgia always requires a "tour."

Then you buy beer tickets or wooden coins to choose what you want to drink and in what prescribed quantities.

Blue Tarp Brewing Company's Founder & Brewmaster Tom Stahl was interested in my observations of the Craft scene in Charleston as he attempted to explain that a TOUR is the Georgia focal point at all the breweries and that allows him to sell brews in proper portions so visitors could  enjoy some cold suds.

Then Tom excused himself to go lead an actual tour.

I snapped a picture of the blackboard poster so I could refer to the necessary optional steps that are offered.

I certainly wanted to obey the law.

This was our second stop after buying wooden "nickels" and hoisting a few at 3 Taverns Craft Beers.

It had a neat loft upstairs where you could look out over the tasting room and watch the line form, move forward and then the people would go sit back down inside or step out on the patio to sip 6 ounces or whatever choices they had made.

Per the information posted, people were also leaving with 6-packs and two sizes of Growlers, 64 ounces or 32 ozs.

Then, shuffle up to the serving area again and hand over wooden tokens.

It was a jovial crowd and we had a nice conversation with a husband and wife who had come up from Lexington, a suburb of Columbia.

Friday night we were among 6,000 other fans of Chris Rock, performing his comedy at the Fabulous Fox Theater.

Rock had booked the Fox  for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

That's pleasing many thousands of his fans.

We decided to check out a few craft breweries the next day while we were in town.

Tasting in moderation of course, before driving back home.

We used GPS to find our way around from the Hyatt, and stopped for a delightful brunch at one of the Flying Biscuit Cafe near Little 5 Points.

They are scattered around Atlanta and we appreciated that the Saturday traffic was light before the Memorial Day weekend.

On the drive back to Charleston, we noticed that the Starbucks' symbol had been added to Interstate markers showing a variety of food close by at the next exit.

Didn't remember seeing that addition before among all the Waffle House and Huddle House signs.

As we traveled around Atlanta neighborhoods, the GPS lady managed to direct us through a tunnel beneath train tracks - I think - covered with colorful graffiti.

As we moved slowly through, I caught a photo of some young men in the process of adding their visual messages.

This was turning into a multiple-treat capital city tour.

My eyes and camera were filled with images that I wanted to share.

This was to make up for the NO CAMERA evening the night before with Chris Rock.

Here is a scattering of images I collected during this overnight road trip.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Thanks for riding along and sipping a few tasty beers.

I have visited just about all 20 breweries here in Charleston, North Charleston, West Ashley, Mt. Pleasant, James and Johns Island, and the only one in

A new one is about to open named Pawleys Island, right here in Charleston and another in Park Circle.

Cooper River Brewing Company is one you really need to use GPS to find.

It's worth it they all are.

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